steviejones-$5 ice cream

eg: stopmotion, new-york, street
this one was made up on the spot, and despite a few mistakes , I still like watching it. enjoy!

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  • Homeboy
    by Homeboy 1 year ago
    Nice jam bro
  • The Doctor
    by The Doctor 1 year ago
    at least two people that I know of have seen it then
    thx much!
  • The Doctor
    by The Doctor 1 year ago
  • Mind Coup
    by Mind Coup 1 year ago
    Thanks for posting looking forward to having you live on the show
  • Rebel
    by Rebel 1 year ago
    I want some ice cream now :)
  • Blue Orgone
    by Blue Orgone 1 year ago
    Really good for improv
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