The Mind Coup Radio Compound is a private dwelling located on the outskirts of Nelson and Castlegar, BC. We offer traveling musicians and artists to be our guests, to relax and have the chance be creative and productive.

The Location

The BC Kootenays are beautiful year round, offering lots of outdoor activities. There is easy access to great winter sports, with a strong snowboarding and skiing population, attracting people from around the world. There is a good hunting season as well with lots of big game. Trout and salmon fishing are amazing with the clean glacier lakes. Spring and summer are all about fun with music and art festivals of all types. Go tubing down the river or find a mountain beach. The Kootenays have lots of small, wonderful, and clean family beaches, with parks and activities and also nude beaches if you forget to pack a swimsuit. The Mind Coup Radio Compound has access to hiking trails leading to crownland with great mountain views and wildlife.



* Main Building - Staff housing and main kitchen

* Artist Building - Large Green Room / Guest Bedroom with attached art studio. Small deck facing mountain landscapes from art studio. Help create your bands merchandise with our screenprinting workshop.

Songwriters House - A small camper trailer, great for a more private stay. 

* Mind Coup Building - Recording and broadcast studio. Large all-cedar room with a great vibe for creating music.

* Sauna Room - Large ceder room attached to music studio with bath and two rows of benches. Great for relaxing and clearing your mind.

* Work Shop

* Fire Pit

* WiFi

* Washer & Dryer

* Equipment Storage

* Hiking Trails

* Tenting


*** Apply For And Earn Credits Towards Your Stay ***

Mind Coup gives artist and bands credit towards their stay, and services for a variety of

things. Help us save you money by:

* Playing Live On Mind Coup Radio

* Giving away free mp3's on Mind Coup Radio

* Getting fans to sign up for Mind Coup Radio

* Record an album with Mind Coup (Extended Stay)


Rates and Packages -


Play Live on Mind Coup Radio - Free|


Single Songwriter - One night stay with hot breakfast |$25.00

                                - Three night stay with hot breakfast $60.00

Booking For


The Duet - Two person single night stay with hot breakfast - $35.00

                 - Two person three night stay with hot breakfast - $80.00

Booking For


Three Piece - Three person single night stay with hot breakfast - $40.00

                     - Three person three night stay with hot breakfast - $100.00


Full Band - Four to six person single night stay wth hot breakfast $55.00

                - Four to six person three night stay with hot breakfast $125.00


Big Band - More than six people; ask for specific specification for details.


Studio Time - $30.00/hour

Booking For



Rehearsal Time - $20.00/ hour

Booking For




Sauna Time - $15.00 for 20min

                    - $30.00 for 1 hour

Sauna Time Free for overnight guests if payed for and booked in advance!


Studio Musician - $100.00/hour


Screenprinting - ask for details


Graphic Design - $20.00/hour


Songwriter Recording Package - One or two musicians overnight stay, all meals provided for with 12 hours of studio time. Free rehearsal and sauna time. Only $300.00


Band Recording Package-Three to six person band, two nights, all meals provided for, with 16 hours of studio time, free rehearsal and sauna time. Only $500.00

Dlyman Said:

The MCR Compund is pretty amazing. I survived to tell about it. I was able to collectively bring my thoughts and music together in these peaceful surroundings. Early morning dew on the grass, trees all around, and a sky! All quite amazing ;)

Third Eye Bandits Said:

I love doing events with Mind Coup. It is a great place to stay and find my creative path. My home away from home. Thanks Mind Coup for yet another great time.


Katy Said:
I have to say, staying out at the MCR compound is actually my absolute favorite place to take a break from the world. There is nothing else quite like it. There is a sense that time doesn't exist that life is simple magical and fun. That's how it should be every day. The studio is so down to earth with high quality sound and a great vibe. There is space and room for creating collaborating celebrating and relaxing all in one. I seriously adore being there, its not every day I get to let my wild woman, free spirited musican in me on the loose! Highly recommended