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Zaza la Terreur: Dynamism and Melodies

Published by: Meta on 21st May 2015 | View all blogs by Meta

Welcoming to Mind Coup Radio the fantastic Zaza la Terreur from Quebec City. She adds to the show an amazing power, and a rocking aspect. It is easy to get swept away in her music, just like with siren song.

M- Hi! Welcome to episode II of Mind Coup's Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses. I am listening to your songs right now, the one called “Silence, je dors encore” and am loving the chord progressions, and the unexpected changes once in a while. It is obvious that you have learned classical music, in subtle ways. When did you start learning music, and when did you start writing it?

ZT- I started learning the piano at the age of 6, I took private lessons until the age of 14, and at that age, I started learning the guitar self-taught. I started writing a few little songs at the age of 10 years at the piano, without lyrics, and at the age of 15 years on guitar, with lyrics and more established structures. I discovered a new aspect of music that really appealed to me, I gradually abandoned the classical repertoire to dive into the world of alternative rock, it was a real revelation!

M- You have this amazing power to your voice, open tone and some natural growling that shows itself like a bow flinging an arrow. Warriorlike. émoticône smile Who are your influences, vocally, or who do you admire?

ZT- Vocally, I like the interpreters who live their songs, and offer beautiful textures in their voice. When I started singing, I focused only on the tonality and strength of my voice, and with time, I worked the subtlety and texture to better interpret and live the songs. I love singers like Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain, Tom Yorke, Bono, Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Tori Amos, Micheal Stipe, Thomas Fersen, Bif Naked, Gwen Stefany, Jean Leloup, Beth Gibbons, PJ Harvey, John Lennon, and a lot more!

M- You are a fan of grunge.. what aspects of grunge do you like? What is it that draws you?

ZT- I like the instinctive aspects and energy of grunge, without artifice, the mixture of rought, but still beautiful melodies. My favorite grunge band is undoubtedly Nirvana, I learned to play guitar by learning their songs and their sound inspired me. Grunge rallied the fabulous power of punk, and some more catchy aspects of pop, it was the heartfelt cry of a generation, I was joined in my adolecence a lot, it literally changed my vision of music, and I still have a lot of fun to listen to today!

M-What is it like in Quebec City? Is there a lot going on in the music scene? How do you fit into it?

ZT- I have been active on the scene of Quebec for many years, but in recent years, I confess myself, I'm a bit disconnected from the stage and the local scene, I just wanted to work in my home studio to compose and record new material, and I prefer today make jams and recording with friends in my room with a good beer at friday night! I still like to do some shows occasionally, but I realize myself musically otherwise, it must be the thirties!!

M-You are also an author! What kinds of things do you write? Where can we find it?

ZT- I like to write about nature, I love spending time at my cabin in the woods, it's vital for me. I also write on the environment, time, perceptions, and sometimes, on social issues, including domestic violence, because I work in a shelter for women victims of domestic violence for over 10 years, their strength and courage inspire me a lot

M-What was your other band like? Lady Gonzalez..

ZT- Lady Gonzalez is a group that existed from 1998 to 2008. Initially, we were 3 girls who loved to play rock, and a fourth joined us. We started with songs from girls singers bands, and walked up one of over 80 songs repertoire. We played shows in all Quebec province, that was so great!! With years, we began to compose our own songs and included original material in our show. The public reaction was very welcoming, so we recorded an album, and have launched in 2007. Unfortunately, the band broke up a few months after launch..

M- Who are the supporting musicians in your band? Do you all have a great connection?

ZT- I'm fortunate to play with some very talented longtime friends with a professional background, we have a very beautiful connection. I had the chance to play with different musicians and bands in my career, and friendship has always been a key factor to keep the focus on fun and good musical chemistry!

M-Do you go on tour or play local venues?

ZT- No, not for now ... I recently refused a few gigs, but this is only a postponement! Thank you very much Meta, it was a pleasure to answer and practice my English, sorry again for the time, rock on!!

M- Thank You!



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