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Shugga Cherm: Brooklyn's Irrepressible DJ/Musician

Published by: Meta on 20th Apr 2015 | View all blogs by Meta



Talking with the resilient Shugga Cherm, a Jamaican now based mainly in Brooklyn. His music ranges in texture and tone and emotion, which inspires a sense of sponteneity and unpredictability, just like in real life. There is a sense of limitlessness. Take a listen today on to hear his sounds and beats on the 4/20 show.

M- Hi there, Shugga Cherm. You have quite an awesome story. It seems your life has been a cool adventure, starting from a closely knit rooted family life in Jamaica, involving tons of music, and now you are in Brooklyn. Can you tell us a bit about how this all happened? When did you move?

SC- I was born in jamaica, as a youth growing up jamaica am always around music whether it's sound system, bands or just making it with what's available around me. When I was 12 I moved to Brooklyn ny, I never liked at first but I get used to it. I see it's a very musical place, so a certain area would remind me of jamaica and also met other people that was into the music just like me so it was a good start for my journey.

M- Are you still involved in a music scene in Jamaica, as well? Where in Jamaica were you born?

SC- I still keep contacts with my musical friends I haven't done any shows there but we planning on doing that and much more musically, I was born in the parish of Clarendon which is in the middlesex of jamaica.

M- Has living in Brooklyn influenced your music? What is it like playing there?

SC- Definitely, the people and the vibes give you that drive to do music more, everywhere is a party or a car playing music, the people influence me more tho. Brooklyn is a great place to perform, you gotta bring your best when you performing, cause they not gonna accept no foolishness lol, so it's all about love and respect so just go and mash up the place and make the people feel good.

M- So cool. You have described yourself as being “severely creative”. That sounds fantastic.. What does this mean to you?

SC- Yea when am creating I wanna put all my energy all my passion. All the skills and tools that I have to make it happen, if I have to write A verse over ten times I will do it, basically and will to get the work done no matter what it takes.

M- Driven.. You create your own beats.. what programs do you use, and how do you do this? Do you sometimes create organic sounds from scratch?

SC- Yea make my own riddims (beats) and I use reason and pro tools. I start out with a drum and bass, sometimes I use instruments from the programs and sometimes I get custom made instruments from other musician depends on the style I wanna use for that track.

M- That's what I want to do too. Love that you are so ranged in vision. Your music is very bold and natural. How old were you when you discovered this natural blessing of ability?

SC- I guess since I was born, music was just a part of my life, you don't really chose it, it grows in you.

M- Agreed. Can you tell us a bit about Sotti studios?

SC- Yea that was my very first record deal I got when I was in high school, I was a intern there and they was making a mixtape for the label and I told them I wanna get on it, ofcours they didn't take me serious, but the next day I went there got in the booth and did a 16 bar vers and the rest was history. Plus I get to work with a lot of professional people in the music biz so it was a great experience for me as a teenager.

M- Where do your lyrics come from? Does it flow naturally off the top of your head, or do you get in a zone to write first?

SC- Well I don't like to overthink things, when writing music so get my inspiration from daily life and people and things that's happening around me and I freestyle too so I kick a few off the dome.

M- The fresh and spontaneous magical approach. Can you tell us the story behind the song “Twenty Five”? The sounds are so good. It is my favourite right now.

SC- I did that song in 2010 in my home studio, it was a lot of negative stuff goin on in the neighborhoods a lot of young people was losing they life over gang war or even for nothing. Everytime I herd that song (road to Zion) I said I wanna get on this beat, i finally got the instrumental, wrote down all my thoughts and put the song together and that's how it came out.

M- So, what and who are your influences, Shugga Cherm?

SC- Fire Raq Production is the biggest influence when it come to makin music and just life in general , and we give thanks for all the artist that set the foundation, its too much artist to name so am gonna name a few, buju banton,shabba,super cat, bounty killer, capleton, sizzla.....Rking Redemption..Blingazz...local and international artist.

M- Do you think people should be thrown in jail for smoking weed?

SC- People should not be thrown in jail for smoking some ganja and hold a meditation.



  • Trevor
    by Trevor 3 years ago
    Yo SC hit a track with Funkudub!
  • Shugga Cherm
    by Shugga Cherm 3 years ago
    bless up and big up funkudub lets make it happen
  • Eden
    by Eden 3 years ago
    You to need to do that!
  • Meta
    by Meta 3 years ago
    me too :-) haa.. can I sing on the shugga funkudub?
  • Shugga Cherm
    by Shugga Cherm 3 years ago
    @meta i will take a vers from you lol hey @trevor link up @eden i see you
  • Trevor
    by Trevor 3 years ago
    ya lets do this!
  • Online Studios
    by Online Studios 3 years ago
    We will give you Free studio time for this project!
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