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Playing For Tips

Published by: Mind Coup on 22nd Apr 2015 | View all blogs by Mind Coup

At Mind Coup we know sometimes you end up playing for tips.  Well now you can get tips from fans on your members page!  Add a paypal link to let fans donate a tip amount to your account.  To add the link, edit your page and paste the link for paypal in the "tip this artist" field.  If you're a fan, add your favorite artist's tip link to your page!  We like to see bands offering deals to fans for giving them tips as well!  Like music, signed pictures, anything you like.  If you have free music in the audio stash, we will include your tip link in the magazine!  There are a few videos on youtube that can help you set up the paypal account and "donate" link.  Note you will use the email link in the field on your home page. This is the link to tip Mind Coup Radio!


You can add it in a blog to like this.. Send me a tip and I will email you awesome MP3s!  Member blogs are a great way to sell music, art, or merch.  Members can have  blogs published in Mind Coup Magazine for just 11.99!  You can also book a gig from our Magazine Staff and have them do a feature with you.  Book gigs with staff member Edennormandy , S&!tHouse Poet , Dylman , and Meta Plus More Gigs ON THE WAY!







  • Trevor
    by Trevor 3 years ago
    Send Me a tip and i will give you MP3's & or a guitar lesson!!!
  • Eden
    by Eden 3 years ago
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