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Danielle Miller- She is the Daisy

Published by: Meta on 21st May 2015 | View all blogs by Meta


Introducing the spellbinding and timeless Danielle Miller, a songstress from Southern California. She captures the essence of everything floral, ancient, and rooted. She can do everything, it seems, and with elegance.

M- Hi Danielle! You are a Very Interesting Person. You seem to capture some gorgeous themery in everything you do, from writing, to photography, to singing and music, to healing and general lifestyle. What I get from it is that you are at once very close to the earth, but also escalated into an airy, clear place of simple exaltation. There is a timeless or vintage quality about you. What do you think?

DM- Firstly, thank you kindly for your perspective and interest in what I have created. I think that you have summed it up very well and have absorbed the the meaning I have tried in so many forms to convey. Healing is the most important quality music has to offer in my opinion. That and inspiration.

M- What kinds of things did you love to do when you were little?

DM- I loved to imagine like any child. There was never a shortage of scenarios to dream into life. I was always pretending the car was a spaceship, talking to trees, being a mermaid. I loved exploring my neighborhood and being outdoors.

M- You remind me of those cool people in the 60s, in England. Steeleye Span is evoked, the ancient folk revival. Good quality earthy music, connected directly to the earth and the flowers. I can smell thyme when I hear your guitar playing. What kind of music do find the most inspiration from, and who moves you?

DM- That is a humongous compliment in my eyes! I love Steeleye Span and English folksingers. Traditional folk songs have captivated my heart such as Jean Ritchie and Shirley Collins. I love the simplicity, rawness, and beauty. I would say traditional folk music, and some modern folk music is my greatest inspiration. Joanna Newsom in an artist that moves me. Years ago when I first heard her I thought, "there is something about this", and I listened on repeat after that. Everything about her music moved me. The lengthiness of her songs, her poetic storytelling, the imagery, her unique and raw style of singing, and of course, the magical harp. It combines all the things I adore. I have a fondness for solo songwriters.

M- Shirley Collins was amazing! I love all that stuff too. This vintage-feeling (forgive me for the terminology) thing is so neat, from colouring photographs, to the musical style. What is it about the traditional folk music, the old-style ways that you love?

DM- I would have to say it is the timelessness. Some things in life are just timeless and no matter how I grow, or what changes come about, some things will remain golden to me. The old-style ways were the beginning, and everything evolved from that point and I treasure where it came from.

M- Do you have any other musical projects on the go? Do you play with others?

DM- I am mainly focused on my solo music because it is always a constant project. My boyfriend Tommy Cornell and I have some song ideas planned and hope to record an album together. Our goal is that he will accompany my solo songs by playing instruments like slide guitar, and possibly keys. He also has an alternative-grunge band called 'The Glass Daggers' that released an album this past year.


I was also a part of my brother's band in the past but have since moved onto my own music. Though, I am still a part of recordings singing harmony. He plays folk rock under the title 'In Autumn'


And lastly, I recorded a song with my sister-in law. We had a brief project called 'The Whispering Bells' that is currently on hold but I am sure we will make another appearance in the future.

M- Can you name three authors you admire?

DM- Hans Christian Andersen, Hellen KellerEmily Dickinson

M- Can you name three flowers that you love right now?

DM- Lavender, Queen Anne's Lace, Snapdragons.

M- Beautiful. Where and when do you feel the most at peace?

DM- I feel the most at peace whenever I am in nature it seems. My boyfriend and I love to just spend hours at a park or take a trip to the mountains and paint a picture, have a picnic and just observe and take in the beauty around us. There is something incredibly comforting about being somewhere beautiful with someone you love.

M- Can you tell us a bit about where you are living right now in California? The landscape and flora look absolutely dreamy.

DM- I live in Southern California. I just moved to Temecula which is known for their wine country area which is in fact lovely. Southern California is a dessert landscape primarily but there are many fields near where I live and there is also a lake. It is quite suburban in Southern California though there are hidden places filled with so much beauty and foliage if you just look for it. The ocean and mountains are also in our backyard so really, it isn't hard to find someplace dreamy.

M- I hear lots of people adore Temecula. It keeps coming up.

What kinds of music scenes are around you?

DM- This question makes me sad because there really aren't enough music scenes. Especially as far as venues go. The community for music is very much lacking here but the need for the community seems stronger than ever. I really hope something comes for those who yearn for that place. It is hard to say what style of music is the most "in" because the styles that my loved ones and I play are so out of character for where we live it seams. I hope I was able to answer this question. Haha.

M- I get you.. Times are changing everywhere, it seems.

Do you play live very often?

DM- I actually do not. I am trying to muster up the courage once again, especially since I have so many new songs to sing. I suffer from anxiety so I came to a point where even physically, it was too overwhelming. I want to defeat this though and overcome the fear so that I can share my music to others once again. When I was playing live, I felt very accepted, and it gave me so much purpose.

M- From what I have experienced, it appears that those who have anxiety for performing seem to really care about their music, it means something. I for one would love to see you perform. If you are ever on tour coming through BC, let us know. :-)



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