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Nov 3rd

FunkUDub - Exposed

By corvus mae

M- “Hi there, mister FunkUDub. How's it going. Nice to meet with you this deep dark November evening. I understand you are not only highly groove-ridden, but you are also a multi-instrumentalist. How did you discover that you can play three instruments at once, to your own created backing grooves?" 

F.U.D- “Well, I wanted to create a type of dance/DJ project that I could play live instruments to. I have in the past played a few-instruments-at-once just-for-fun kind of thing, kind of like a drunk party trick. Haha. I made the funk and the dubs and could have added more tracks but I like a fun challenge, and I kind of like when people look at me like WTF. Really, my guitar music is kind of like playing five or six instruments at once, so this lets me give people a way to hear my music without being overwhelmed by just one instrument playing 6 different parts. That and it's awesome, and you've once seen me with three. The funk and dubs help me from being the crazy guy on the street playing ten things at once for dimes. "

M- "So you seem very well-rounded and able to balance all your ranges of tone and rhythm in a cool way.. definitely a visionary attitude. I have definitely listened to FunkUdub several times and seen you perform, and I know firsthand that the way you switch between instruments is well-balanced, well-maneuvered.. sometimes you let certain tones resonate on, say, the guitar as the bass takes over, and vice versa. Personally, I like the way the bass weaves in and out so gracefully that you don't notice any absence of sound disappearing while I am focusing on the wonderful distraction that is the guitar or violin.. you are almost like a musical magician that way, using the power of distraction to keep everything flowing. Very nice. Your fiddle playing is very unusual, but fascinating. What is your approach to the fiddle?" 

F.U.D- “I have wondered that myself, or even if I didn't know anything at all on how to play but I just might play against the devil on my soul for a fiddle made of gold. Haha. No, I kind of like to make it sound all harmonic, sliding crazy sounds, so it's not hard to do. " 

M- “As a violinist for many many years, I have to disagree. There is no way I could play the way you do. Your creativity is 'Off The Wall', so to speak. Definitely an electricity about you. There is something compelling and hypnotic about your playing. Maybe it is that you are able to cover so many levels of sound at once, and a person will never quite know what you are about to pull off next. 

Are there any instruments you aspire to own or record with in the future?” 

F.U.D- “yes, I like most instruments. I'd love to get my hands on a piano or cello. I just don't have one yet.” 

M- “When is your next show, and do you have any tours planned?” 

F.U.D- “As of now, it looks as if I will be in Nelson. It would be fun to get a gig at Shambhala next year, we will see.”

M- “Do you have any guest artists lined up for you to feature on any of your upcoming tracks?” 

F.U.D- “I'm working on a few things.. I might be open to having guest vocals on a track or two. FunkUDub is more of its own thing. I don't want to have to need other musicians for this set. It helps me be more affordable and accessible to venues.”

M- “Well, good luck with this. I bet we will all be hearing more about this phenomenon called FunkUDub in the near future. You are definitely one of a kind and damn sexy.”

FunkUDub has a show on Saturday the 8th of November, at the MCR Compound. 

Download a free FunkUDub set on the Free Downloads section of

Jion The Group FunkUDub

Apr 20th

Shugga Cherm: Brooklyn's Irrepressible DJ/Musician

By Meta



Talking with the resilient Shugga Cherm, a Jamaican now based mainly in Brooklyn. His music ranges in texture and tone and emotion, which inspires a sense of sponteneity and unpredictability, just like in real life. There is a sense of limitlessness. Take a listen today on to hear his sounds and beats on the 4/20 show.

M- Hi there, Shugga Cherm. You have quite an awesome story. It seems your life has been a cool adventure, starting from a closely knit rooted family life in Jamaica, involving tons of music, and now you are in Brooklyn. Can you tell us a bit about how this all happened? When did you move?

SC- I was born in jamaica, as a youth growing up jamaica am always around music whether it's sound system, bands or just making it with what's available around me. When I was 12 I moved to Brooklyn ny, I never liked at first but I get used to it. I see it's a very musical place, so a certain area would remind me of jamaica and also met other people that was into the music just like me so it was a good start for my journey.

M- Are you still involved in a music scene in Jamaica, as well? Where in Jamaica were you born?

SC- I still keep contacts with my musical friends I haven't done any shows there but we planning on doing that and much more musically, I was born in the parish of Clarendon which is in the middlesex of jamaica.

M- Has living in Brooklyn influenced your music? What is it like playing there?

SC- Definitely, the people and the vibes give you that drive to do music more, everywhere is a party or a car playing music, the people influence me more tho. Brooklyn is a great place to perform, you gotta bring your best when you performing, cause they not gonna accept no foolishness lol, so it's all about love and respect so just go and mash up the place and make the people feel good.

M- So cool. You have described yourself as being “severely creative”. That sounds fantastic.. What does this mean to you?

SC- Yea when am creating I wanna put all my energy all my passion. All the skills and tools that I have to make it happen, if I have to write A verse over ten times I will do it, basically and will to get the work done no matter what it takes.

M- Driven.. You create your own beats.. what programs do you use, and how do you do this? Do you sometimes create organic sounds from scratch?

SC- Yea make my own riddims (beats) and I use reason and pro tools. I start out with a drum and bass, sometimes I use instruments from the programs and sometimes I get custom made instruments from other musician depends on the style I wanna use for that track.

M- That's what I want to do too. Love that you are so ranged in vision. Your music is very bold and natural. How old were you when you discovered this natural blessing of ability?

SC- I guess since I was born, music was just a part of my life, you don't really chose it, it grows in you.

M- Agreed. Can you tell us a bit about Sotti studios?

SC- Yea that was my very first record deal I got when I was in high school, I was a intern there and they was making a mixtape for the label and I told them I wanna get on it, ofcours they didn't take me serious, but the next day I went there got in the booth and did a 16 bar vers and the rest was history. Plus I get to work with a lot of professional people in the music biz so it was a great experience for me as a teenager.

M- Where do your lyrics come from? Does it flow naturally off the top of your head, or do you get in a zone to write first?

SC- Well I don't like to overthink things, when writing music so get my inspiration from daily life and people and things that's happening around me and I freestyle too so I kick a few off the dome.

M- The fresh and spontaneous magical approach. Can you tell us the story behind the song “Twenty Five”? The sounds are so good. It is my favourite right now.

SC- I did that song in 2010 in my home studio, it was a lot of negative stuff goin on in the neighborhoods a lot of young people was losing they life over gang war or even for nothing. Everytime I herd that song (road to Zion) I said I wanna get on this beat, i finally got the instrumental, wrote down all my thoughts and put the song together and that's how it came out.

M- So, what and who are your influences, Shugga Cherm?

SC- Fire Raq Production is the biggest influence when it come to makin music and just life in general , and we give thanks for all the artist that set the foundation, its too much artist to name so am gonna name a few, buju banton,shabba,super cat, bounty killer, capleton, sizzla.....Rking Redemption..Blingazz...local and international artist.

M- Do you think people should be thrown in jail for smoking weed?

SC- People should not be thrown in jail for smoking some ganja and hold a meditation.

Mar 6th

Winter Fest 2015!

By Meta

Well, what a fun couple of days those were for late February! It was Trevor and Dylan's birthday celebration, as well as a general celebration for the wintertime, as we come to the end of it, and as we anticipate spring.

Some awesome bands came by to play and were streamed on the radio, including Vague Notion, Soniko, Jamosaurus Rex, Katy Kaboom, Hypnotic Deliverance, some guest harmonies here and there by Corvus Mae, and plenty of jam time, in the woodfire-warmed studio.

This was the first time we experienced Vague Notion live, and we were so pleasantly surprised. They had been on several of our radio shows before, and we loved them already but this was a very neat experience. Cheryl's vocals are so strong and clear like water, flexible and powerful, and rooted from the earth before seeming to soar up into the clouds. Bevan was fun to watch because he is obviously a very good musician, cultivated and strong. His guitar playing accented their music so well and gave an organic quality to the electro sounds. Again, roots to the earth. And his drumming is top notch.

Soniko played a beautiful set, starting with an intro with Katy Kaboom on vocals, (she and Corvus Mae had just finished a short set together, Mae on acoustic guitar, Katy freestyling), and this was all very fun. Soniko has an exotic quality (obviously), his South American roots blending with local First Nations inspirations. He hangs with the Sinixt tribe here in the valley, and has some beautiful visions of and for humanity. We always love to listen to him.

There were vendors vending (Gerry's organic, essential-oil enhanced chocolates, homemade multicoloured beaded jewelry, some cool biker jewelry made of crazy metals, gemstones, pottery, locally made lotions and soaps, and a henna artist named Taryn).

Also there were the light painters, Michael Hornyak and his busy little crew, lighting up the place so beautifully and making awesome videos of the live music. Check out soon to see this footage. They are really amazing guys, innovative and artistic.

People gathered around the fire in the fire pit, and lots of interesting discussions and laughs with Dylan, who, along with Trevor, invented some fun and ridiculous games among bunches of balloons and strewn sequins on snow.

Art covered all the walls in the gallery, and Katy had her art adorning all the buildings; bright, multicoloured, Venusian spirit art. It brought all the buildings to life and it was all very magical.

It was really cool to have some new people enter the compound and explore what Mind Coup is about. The local scene is widening and fresh ideas and forces are being joined. The team is happily expanding. It is inspiring to know that there are other very unique and creative people not too far away. Who knows what collaborations might ensue from this.

The spring is coming, and I am sure we will be putting more events on soon, be it here at the compound, or in town. Coming up is the Delhi 2 Dublin show, which will be streamed this March, so stay tuned for that. Also, to look forward, we have Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses Episode 2 coming in April, Audio Stash Episode 3, among many more. Keep your eyes open, also, for our new Mind Coup Magazine, which will be released several times of the year, featuring the best of Mind Coup; blogs, articles, reviews, interviews, upcoming shows and events, and fresh opportunities.

Jan 10th

Presenting Gabriela Diaz Aldeco!

By Meta


Presenting lovely Oaxacan multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer, Gabriela Diaz Aldeco!I have asked her a few questions about herself, her life, her inspirations, and what she is all about. Here is what she has to say.

M- “Hello, Gabriela! You are such a warm presence on our and your music and atmosphere is rich with layers and creativity, and genuine fantasticness. What are all the instruments you play?”

G- “I play the piano, synths, strings and flute.”

M- “What inspires you?”

G- “I am a creative and interested person for life, love and happiness, which helped me to find inspiration in everything that surrounds me, especially in love. The stories come to my fluidly through the connection I establish with people, animals, plants and objects. So I see and I've found there's always a story that is waiting to be told everything that surrounds us. Emotions and its vibration are transmitters with which I connect and that is how I have access to an infinite world of tones, nuances and colors right through my fingers; stories or messages in music are translated while I play. The time it takes to compose a melody is between 20-45 min, daily, I try to compose, but sometimes work absorbs me.”

M- “Such a beautiful description. Sounds like a lush place inside you. What do you have happening right now, or are you preparing something for the near future?”

G- “I've been working on preparing a new album and planning a series of concerts in Mexico. I have also received an invitation by Jason Shockey from the “Tunes for Tots” Worldwide organization to give concerts in the US and Mexico as part of a tour to benefit children . “Tunes for Tots” is a community of extraordinarily talented musicians that have come together as a team in cities around the world to produce events that benefit children's charities. Also I have pending to perform several collaborations with other artists, but stay tuned, once this all ready, I will post the dates in my web site and my social networks and my free mobile App.”

M- “Sounds as if you are very busy with some wonderful stuff. Do keep us posted on Mind Coup! We would love to hear updates. Collaborations are often exciting things. Mixing and matching of talents and colours and tones.”

G- “It would be a world to me if someone buys my music. I am part of the Music for Good Program and for each song sold, half of that sale is automatically donated to Charity Water. I compose music with great affection to you all and to cause a benefit for all it is one of my goals. I want a better world. That's why through my music supporting Charity: Water donating, half of every sale of my music to this beautiful cause and with this small action help to bring clean and safe water for every person on the planet. We want to bring drinking water to 100 million people by 2022. To make that happen, we need to increase the number of people we serve each year and ensure that water continues to flow, now you can contribute to this cause by buying any of my songs included in my album "OVERCOME" and half automatically is donated to Charity: Water Buy music and half goes to charity!”

M- “Amazing. We will spread the word. Seems as if you are quite selfless, a true artist with a vision for the greater scheme of things, the wellbeing of the vulnerable, the children, and the earth. Who has influenced you, as in people, composers, musicians or artists?”

G- “My favorite composers are Ryuchi Sakamoto, Phil Collins, Mike Oldfield, Freddie Mercury, Sergei Rachmaninov, Claude Debussy, Mozart. My favorite singers, Barbra Streisand, Patricia Kass, Lara Fabian and Cecilia Bartoli, Frank Sinatra, Roberto Alagna, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo.”

M- “That is a wide variety of highly talented and passionate souls. How would you classify your music?”

G- “I would classify my music as programmatic descriptive Instrumental in some cases, some involving only piano pieces, other chamber orchestra or symphony.”

M- “How did you get started with music?”

G- “I studied operatic singing a few years ago my tessitura is Soprano Spinto I took several master classes. Singing is one of my great passions, but for work reasons since I work also in the audiovisual production field, I made a stop to it. But I continued practicing and at some point I will incorporate my voice in some of my future work.

I am very happy also because of all the support of the beautiful people that listen my music this 9 of January I will abide 38 weeks as 1st place in the instrumental chart of Mexico Nationwide.

Thank you to all the beautiful Team on Mind Coup Radio !”

M- “Thank YOU, Gabriela! It is a pleasure having you here.”

G- “Als
o, I have a special promo for the listeners. I will give a free download of an unedited song as a bonus for the ones who buy one of my songs.”

M- “This is good to know. Thank-you and we are looking forward to the show on January 10th, Number One Nation.”


Jan 28th

Amara McCarthy/The Experiment- Piano Vixen

By Meta


And now presenting the lovely Amara McCarthy, who could make anyone swoon into a trance with her beautiful intricate piano pieces and soaring melodic mermaid voice. A person is transported by her songs into beautiful worlds, romantic places. I am honoured to have her on episode one of Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses today.

M- Amara! You have a pristine voice and graceful piano fingers. I would describe what I have heard so far as strong, ethereal, and feminine. How did you get started with music?

A- Thank you so much Meta! coming from you that means a lot!. I love your voice! and the music you create.
The first Cassette tape I owned, was the soundtrack to the movie Labyrinth, ha. I have always been drawn to magic music, inspiring, moving, I have a very eclectic taste and there are so many amazing influences, too many to mention.

I grew up in Northern CA, I was dreamy kid walking a lot in the foggy mountain I grew up on. My family bought a grand piano for christmas when I was 8, after that I spent hours trying to figure out songs by ear, and coming up with my own. My parents tried to get me piano lessons.. Im not sure why but I just wanted to play my stuff and or learn the songs by ear.. eventually they found a teacher who did not mind my alternative way ha. I think my lessons lasted about 9 months. I was a singer in a small band for a couple years in my teen years int he Bay area, mostly for fun. At 17 I moved to Virginia (Blue Ridge Mountains) where I ran into a guy who used to do back up for Chris Isaak, and he heard my piano compositions, we recorded a lot in his basement studio and I met a lot of wonderful creative people during that time.

M- Where are you based, and does it shape your vision?

A- I had always dreamed of living in Oregon, in 2003 that became a reality. I have been here since. I am based around Portland Oregon, it is a great place to be creative and it is beautiful. I have always been an empathic person and sensitive to the areas I live (good and bad) for example, when I lived in Northern Va/ D.C. area, not my scene and I did not create any music during that time.

As far as influencing or shaping my vision for music, I think I have always stayed pretty true to the music that speaks to me. As an artist, the best way to describe it is, connecting to something that feels right, brings me joy and takes me someplace I want to go. I have many ideas for new directions I would love to try with my music and style.. and look forward to that this coming year.

M- Do you have any videos or links to your music?

A- I do, right now I have a Soundcloud account, some of my new music and some of my older stuff is on there. I do plan to add some music videos this coming year to my vimeo account too, I have an older music video up there now. I love film, and plan to do more in regards to scoring film. I have done some in the past and music clearance for independent films. It is defiantly one of my loves, music really does make the movie in my opinion.

M- Will you come out with an album?

A- I think that is a real possibility very soon! I have a good number of songs stirring in me, also have plans for a children’s nighttime album .

M- Do you ever work with others?

A- Yes, I really enjoy working with creative artists. I mostly work alone, I would love to do more collaborations (maybe even with some of the amazing women on this show!

Jan 28th

Meeting the Electric Cheryl Janzen of Vague Notion!

By Meta

Photo on 2010-07-12 at 10.49.jpg
 is grey morning in the Kootenays, everything is melting, at least for now.  Somewhere nearby, perhaps even down the road Cheryl Janzen and her love/partner-in-musical-awesomeness Bevan Early, are probably noticing the mildness too, the gushing rivers and streams down the mountains.  

Cheryl is being interviewed today because she will be featured on the first episode of Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses, which I am super-excited about.  She is also going to be playing at Mind Coup Radio's Winter Festival coming up on February 27, 2015.

The music of Vague Notion is rather exciting and colourful, electronic, and fronted by the cool, unique, and expressive voice of Cheryl.  

It has been a pleasure getting to know her lately, and I hope there will be more fn in the future.  Here we go:

M- Hi! How would you describe your music?

C- Hello Meta Hmmmm. Always a tricky question. We have used terms like "deep mountain electronica with an artful edge " Also.. "very dense beats with a sawtooth ambience to create an angsty vibe" How is that?

M- How long have you guys been vague notion?

C- We have been VN for about 2 years.

M- Who is the other half of vague notion?

C- The other half of VN is Bevan Early who is also my life partner, husband etc.

M- How did you choose your name?

C- Our name was Vagus Nerve first...we realized it was taken but we loved the VN logo that our son designed so I wanted to keep it and Jill Beaulieu came up with Vague Notion. Thanks Jill!

M- Will you be playing any shows soon?

C- We are playing a house party tomorrow nite actually. We are also going to be playing at your lovely Mind Coup Winter Fest in February. We are excited! 

Vague Notion

still human #1.jpeg
Jan 28th

Lily Frost- Classic Musical Opulence

By Meta

Lily Frost is a Canadian songwriter and performer who sings in English and French. Her style is a wonderful blend of cabaret, pop, and jazz; a beautiful mixture of dark and light. Her voice is classic, her look is classy. I remember meeting her once around 2000 at a club in Toronto, aiming to audition to be her bass player. The venue (which I can't remember right now) was lit with coloured stage lights, the atmosphere smoky (people still smoked inside), and, again, everything felt very vintage. It was an honour to meet her briefly, as it is an honour to have her on this first episode of Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses.

M- “Hi Lily! How did you get started in music?”

L- “I took piano lessons as a kid and then jazz vocals in university. the first time i hit the stage was in Montreal at age 19.”

M- “I love the warm and almost vintage feeling I get from your music. Who were your first inspirations?”

L- “my stylish diva grandmother-Peggy Starr, my rebellious poet cousin-Kinnie Starr, my mother the dancer- Martha Starr as well as Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell and Astrud Gilberto.”

M- “Do you feel your style has changed/transformed since you began? How do you feel now, musically, as opposed as when you first started?”

L- “initially I was a much more strident singer, now i am more dynamic. I am a better guitarist and producer now. i know what i want to hear and can articulate it better. lyrically i am not where i want to be...this is a challenge that excites me. ”

M- “It looks as if you are going on tour in Quebec and Ontario next month.. Who are you touring with, and is there a story behind your connection with this person?”

L- “I will be doing a mini tour as a duo with Nichol Robertson to preview my upcoming western swing record "Too Hot For Words." We are opening for Friendly Rich and the Lollipop people. I know Rich from the Oran Orangeville scene. Rich is a charismatic performer and a great force in the musical community. He and I share Nichol so it made sense for us to team up.”

M- “Judging by your online pages, etc, it looks as if you are quite a nature lover, have an earthy side. Does this connection to nature influence you artistically?”

L- “I do love wind and water and getting away from it all and i wrote and entire record about my connection to nature called "Viridian Torch." This means i am carrying the torch for the green. I deeply love a sacred place up north of Toronto where we grew up during summers. That said, i am also influenced by many other places and people and occurences in life.”

M- “Where are your favourite places to tour, so far? Do you plan on coming out to BC anytime soon?”

L- “I love being in California and the entire west coast. It just costs a lot to get there from Ontario.”

M- “What sort of venue do you feel suits you best as a performer?”

L- “For my western swing show which is a 6 piece band i prefer playing festivals and venues with a dance floor. for my songwriting i prefer an intimate listening room.”

M- “Can you tell us a little about your latest album?”

L- “My last release was a 6 song Ep called Motherless Child. It is solo meaning I played, sang and produced it. The old spiritual song Motherless Child lead the direction and the rest flowed from there.”

Lily Frost
Oct 8th

BTV Product Review

By Mind Coup

BTV Product Review

Mind Coup Radio Product Review


BTV is a downloadable beat production studio software program for Mac and PC. Its main focus is to
create great sounding music in a super easy-to-use format. Co-founder Bod Ezrin, producer of
Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, and Pink Floyd The Wall stated:

 “My partners and I spent years building this thing
  and I’m glad we did because what we finally ended up
  with is what we set out to do.”

 BTV is set up like a drum machine or mpc. Build custom kits, create patterns, and build songs
It is easy to get patterns down with the adjustable step record and 16-track mixer. Using the
keys on my laptop or the touch screen was all I needed. You can hook up a midi controller if you
like, as well. There are different sized sound libraries available that range from 1,000 to 7,500.
Using only the 1,000 sample sound library, I found it easy to get what I was looking for. I will
be getting the full sound library soon now that I know it's such a fun program to use. I must say
that I was not expecting this much as it's such an inexpensive program, but I was super surprised.
I paid $450.00 for a Roland drum muchine and it never sounded anything like this. To get a great
sounding program for $27.00 is unheard of. I have spent more on mic cables. With the full version,
you also get the sampler, which is super useful for recording your own sounds. Along with the
massive sound libary, it'sthe best way to go. The program runs super smooth and I would trust it
for a live show. It's easy to export the songs and patterns to burn or upload into Pro Tools or
your favourite production software. I myself am yet to produce a hit record like Jermaine Dupri,
but I hope you will check out one of the tracks I have created.


Ckeck out this Link for more on the BTV  beat production studio software


Nov 4th

artistic communities, past, present, future

By corvus mae
brancusis-studio-paris-constantin-brancusi-tristan-tzara-unidentified-woman-mina-loy-jane-heap-margaret-anderson.gifSince my early teen years, I have had this fascination of the arts, the workings behind the arts, how and why people express what they do and how they are tainted by others, inspired by others, or manifested with others.

I was born in a rather large community in the GTA in Ontario.  Communities were vast and large with sub groups, often becoming cliques.  As a musician and artist since my toddler days, I have been a lone solo solitary type, excessively shy, not thriving socially until my twenties.  I used to daydream about having a supportive community to back me up with my endeavours.. I would write poems to imaginary people, imaginary audiences.. make paintings  of landscapes and situations I desired, however impossible or ethereal or archetypal. I learned to create worlds in my head which were mine, a place to go, somewhere satisfying and reliable. Music has always been super potent, my best friend.  I often used to tell people I would rather marry music and poetry than a human being.  Those were the days without social media, before the internet, when people actually had to leave their homes to commnicate and have social lives. 

Growing up learning classical music, I had to study music history, art history for art class, and no matter what I Was Supposed To Be Doing, I was incessantly studying times past and fictional, studying people's lives, their friendship circles, the eras, the periods of change and evolution and balance in history.  Here, I found huge inspiration, from learning about the situations involving the friendships and foeships of Wagner, Liszt, Nietzsche, Rilke, Lou Andreas-Salome, Cosima Wagner, etc.. the interaction and drama between composers and how those artists and philosophers inspired so many people nowadays, good and bad.. the drama of highly intelligent people in Germany creating ghastly beauty and ethereal genius, breaking free from old patterns, not as solitary and separate artists and creators, but as a group of idealists and time changers, inspirations.  These people sparked and jolted some heavy duty political situations, as well as new types and genres of arts.

 Reading about all this stuff catapulted me into a dream world and thrusted me into higher personal ideals, but it also made me itch for a community of like-minded friends or acquaintances, even competitors, as a way to share and to better myself, as well as to motivate others.

I found myself over the years, passing through phases: the Bloomsbury group, the French poets of the early 20th century (Duchamp, Man Ray, Kiki de Montparnasse, Paul Valery, Robert Desnos and the surrealists, the automatic writers, the painters, the dadaists, the muses, the dancers, the tragic stories and interweavings among them.)  I proceeded then, at age 23, to attempt to have Salons at my apartment in Toronto, where people get together and share their art, their ideas, play funny intellectual games, play music, create new kinds of fashion design, generally inspire each other as a group.  I even ventured into opening a publishing company, a printing press.  The frustrating part of this was that the only people I could find, as partners and co-conspirators, were my own eccentric family members and a few close lifelong friends.  Luckily they were all highly entertaining and sometimes genius, but these were those with whom I had been all my life, anyway.  I needed new fresh crazy people to interact with.  I was itching for community.

Later, I went to Mexico and learned about Frida and Diego, and how they were also involved in politics and revolution, involved with Trotsky.. all the beautiful stories, all the pain and growth, all the amazing inspiration they provided for people then and now.  I also got sucked into Oscar Wilde, Debussy, and the turn-of-the-century composers, Ravel and the Art Nouveau scene.  I noticed that in the lines of the artwork I could hear the music of the time, I felt the theme of the times condensed, the specific vibe of the latest changes of the time, the oversea travel and foreign lands tainting the once usual, the once credible.

I feel that people as competitors, friendly or otherwise, as friends, as inspirations, really breathe life into each other, and thus into their community, and sometimes this effect can be farreaching, extending out nationally or even internationally.  This is what culture is made of.

Here at Mind Coup, I feel that it might be a time for my aspirations for sharing among likeminded or artistically-driven people to come about.  So far, since the Mind Cop Compound has been begun, I have caught whiffs of loveliness i potentia, through visitors and passing artists, poets, musicians.  I am hoping that our scene can grow and also evoke change in the way we view music production and distribution, whilst adventuring in wild and beautiful art, music, writing, etc, fully raw and also fully cultivated.
Jan 18th

What Dose Mind Coup Radio Stand For?

By Mind Coup
Mind Coup Radio was founded on a unique set of principles that are truly revolutionary for the time we live in.  This will help you better understand our goals and what we hope to achieve with this interactive music website.

Starting the radio show in Nashville, TN, we got to see firsthand the criminal nature on the music industry and what it stands for. This quiet legalized crime is going unseen by most; in fact, many artists are tricked by their hopes of becoming a major artist that they never see the true outcome of what the industry is doing. These corporate giants pry off people's dreams and use their hopes to control the music industry.  What we are about to expose to you is so outragious it will sound untrue and unbelievable, but sadly it is what has happened when government and big corporations try to control the music industry.

Bands get paid a small royalty every time a song plays on the radio. In order for this to happen, bands must sign the licensing rights over to a major music licensing company in order to be played on the radio. Some might know this but many don't, that every song on the radio is paid for by record labels and the licensing companies. They buy their artists radio air time as an investment and collect the royalties when it's a hit. That's right, hit songs are bought and paid for, not earned. Every time the song is played live, on a juke box, or by a dj, a royalty is collected for the artist. This system tightly controls who will have a hit song on the radio. If you are one of their selected artists because you have close ties to a corporation or politician, then this system would make you very happy.  You might be surprised that musicians and actors are family to CEO's and politicians. I wish the fraud would stop here but sadly it get much worse, and now I can explain the truly criminal nature of the music business.

The classic Nashville scam - songwriters flock to Nashville with high hopes and big dreams. It's not hard to find a label that will take thousands of dollars to record and get you a demo. They prey off your talent and hopes and use it as a tool to decieve you. Now you got your demo and your little plastic trophy saying you're artist of the year ...Now What??  You spent your savings and now you're booking gigs in your small local town. You go to an open mic at a coffee shop and play a song. As per your deal you report back to Nashville. Most never understand what they've just done. You just spent your savings to start a major corporate law suit.  Since most small local coffee shops don't pay thousands of dollars a year to the music licensing company, you playing your three songs just got your favorite local coffee shop fined $150,000 fine per song. No small business can fight this kind of major law suit. I personally have seen this happen on Mind Coup Radio, and to be honest, the artists playing their original  songs no one even knows, were not even good. It does not stop there. Try the coffee shop that was shut down for having Guitar Hero. That's right, just playing a CD could get you into lots of trouble. Just as terrifying if you're Joe Schmo and you favorite song is Free Bird. You play it live for you buddies at a pub and they record it on an iPhone and post it on FB with a tag. Joe Schmo and the pub are looking at fighting a major lawsuit. It is not legal to play a cover song unless you pay. Even more crazy if alcohol or dancing is involved, you must pay much more. You might be thinking, "I see cover songs all the time on youtube." Well that is legal to a point because youtube pays music licensing companies. However, if you record it live from a venue you're just telling on yourself. In your room by yourself, youtube cover song posts are ok because they pay, but let's say you have a website. If you post the cover song on your website using an embeded code from the youtube video, you're no longer safe. Your website must pay licensing fees to host cover songs. If that's not a big enough outrage to you then keep reading! How about you take your mom out to a nice dinner for her birthday. The staff of the restaurant all come out to sing some kind of crazy birthday song. Why?? It's illegal to sing Happy Birthday! Over 2 million dollars a year are collected in Happy Birthday lawsuits. That's what BMI, ACSAP, and SOCAN have done for the good people of the world. They made family tradition a crime. If you think that is ok, then go to your profile page now and cancel your membership with Mind Coup Radio.

Great, you're still with us. That's good because we love our members, and  I love Jimi Hendrix. Did you know he has a brother? His brother plays guiter and is not allowed to perfom his own brother's song. In fact, no one born to the Hendrix family gets one dime on his estate. I have given up on bands that let licensing companies start massive lawsuits taking hard working musicians' houses, garnishing their wages for life, or jailed. Why are the Rolling Stones suing fans and venues for playing their music?  If you're a band and you don't want fans to play your music, then why play music at all?  Five years on Mind Coup Radio and I asked just one person to show me a check from a music licensing company that has even $20.00 on it. Yet people pay BMI and ASCAP to collect their money, all a scam to control the music industry based off people's dreams, or playing their music for people. They end up unknowingly being a corporate spy. Mind Coup Radio is the knife to cut thought this ironic paradoxes. We don't need millon dollar studios. We don't need FM radio. You're here at Mind Coup Radio. We can show the world there is an alternative.

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