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Mar 23rd

Think Positive

By Imadi

Positive thinking leads to positive action exercising and evolving the power of the mind IMADI MUSIC is resonated with positive energy and messages

Mar 21st

Around and Around

By Eden


Guitars / Vocals and Produced by TOM PROLL This album has the true feel of 1989. The guitar has all the classic tones and riffs you want to hear from a band like this. This type of guitar tone has become a must for any true rock band. Some dirty riffing leads can be found in these tracks. WIFF ENZENHOFER – Keyboards & Vocals is great with playing off the riffs with what seems to be effortless. Adding classic 80s synth sounds and floating piano arrangements. The two work together filling space and building dynamic songs. MICHI BECK – Offering up driving Drums & Percussion. Hearing just how clear the drums sound shows just how well this album was recorded. The drumming is on point with the drums mixed perfectly for the explosive sound in the album. MARIO PUNCEC is dropping down the Bass Guitar, gluing this band together. King Size sets up for some very impressive song starters. There is a uniqueness to each song yet you know this is classic rock. I did see on their Facebook Page that there is a new album in the works, so check out the page for more info. This album is available on amazon for easy download, and it's only $5.99. I also found it on Spotify if you use that website. If I had to compare King Size with other bands, I would say Van Halen, Queen, and Pink Floyd, which are all amazing classic rock bands I love.

Mar 9th

The Digital Label

By Online Studios

online studios 


We guide you through recording and can have amazing studio

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Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an

intimate setting. Getting your music heard is just as important to

us. We get you gigs, interviews and radio play. We help you record

your album! We are flexible on our rates, as each production has

special needs. Our passion is to help musicians make awesome-

sounding recordings. We do sign talent offering recording, booking

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STUDIO TIME: Our studio time books an engineer and studio

musicians. We can produce beats, or have any professional

musicians play to your songs. The artists are paid for their time in

a flat fee giving the artist full song rights unless otherwise contracted

with creative song rights.

MIXING: Mixing is done in the studio on both ends. Let us go through

your studio with video and chat to get your mix sounding great. Then

send it to us so we can mix it down and send it to be mastered.

MASTERING: Let us master your tracks for the best digital experience.

We will master you songs in various formats for different applications.

Publishing / Booking / Marketing: We can publish your music to online

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get your songs on the radio. We also offer management services and

social media promotions.



Mar 6th

Winter Fest 2015!

By Meta

Well, what a fun couple of days those were for late February! It was Trevor and Dylan's birthday celebration, as well as a general celebration for the wintertime, as we come to the end of it, and as we anticipate spring.

Some awesome bands came by to play and were streamed on the radio, including Vague Notion, Soniko, Jamosaurus Rex, Katy Kaboom, Hypnotic Deliverance, some guest harmonies here and there by Corvus Mae, and plenty of jam time, in the woodfire-warmed studio.

This was the first time we experienced Vague Notion live, and we were so pleasantly surprised. They had been on several of our radio shows before, and we loved them already but this was a very neat experience. Cheryl's vocals are so strong and clear like water, flexible and powerful, and rooted from the earth before seeming to soar up into the clouds. Bevan was fun to watch because he is obviously a very good musician, cultivated and strong. His guitar playing accented their music so well and gave an organic quality to the electro sounds. Again, roots to the earth. And his drumming is top notch.

Soniko played a beautiful set, starting with an intro with Katy Kaboom on vocals, (she and Corvus Mae had just finished a short set together, Mae on acoustic guitar, Katy freestyling), and this was all very fun. Soniko has an exotic quality (obviously), his South American roots blending with local First Nations inspirations. He hangs with the Sinixt tribe here in the valley, and has some beautiful visions of and for humanity. We always love to listen to him.

There were vendors vending (Gerry's organic, essential-oil enhanced chocolates, homemade multicoloured beaded jewelry, some cool biker jewelry made of crazy metals, gemstones, pottery, locally made lotions and soaps, and a henna artist named Taryn).

Also there were the light painters, Michael Hornyak and his busy little crew, lighting up the place so beautifully and making awesome videos of the live music. Check out soon to see this footage. They are really amazing guys, innovative and artistic.

People gathered around the fire in the fire pit, and lots of interesting discussions and laughs with Dylan, who, along with Trevor, invented some fun and ridiculous games among bunches of balloons and strewn sequins on snow.

Art covered all the walls in the gallery, and Katy had her art adorning all the buildings; bright, multicoloured, Venusian spirit art. It brought all the buildings to life and it was all very magical.

It was really cool to have some new people enter the compound and explore what Mind Coup is about. The local scene is widening and fresh ideas and forces are being joined. The team is happily expanding. It is inspiring to know that there are other very unique and creative people not too far away. Who knows what collaborations might ensue from this.

The spring is coming, and I am sure we will be putting more events on soon, be it here at the compound, or in town. Coming up is the Delhi 2 Dublin show, which will be streamed this March, so stay tuned for that. Also, to look forward, we have Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses Episode 2 coming in April, Audio Stash Episode 3, among many more. Keep your eyes open, also, for our new Mind Coup Magazine, which will be released several times of the year, featuring the best of Mind Coup; blogs, articles, reviews, interviews, upcoming shows and events, and fresh opportunities.

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