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Nov 1st

Having Your Music Play On Mind Coup Radio

By Mind Coup

Mind Coup Radio plays songs and shows two ways.  Our never resting DJ Auto is playing song playlists off our Mind Coup Radio server.  To get your music to DJ Auto, all you need to do is send your song mp3s via email (  Adding songs to your page will not get your music to DJ Auto. To help us ensure what songs you like played, and that we don't play any songs without permission, we require song files to be emailed to us with some kind of message asking us to play the tracks.  DJ Auto is great because it displays song and artist info across all our streaming platforms.  Mind Coup can be streamed through media players like quicktime realplayer winamp windows player and more.  Streaming from Mind Coup's website and facebook page are also options.  Our Sponsoring website may also have our player on their webpages as well.  Being that DJ Auto only communicates through zeros and ones, it's necessary to have song information properly labeled.  Digital song files should be labeled like this so the artist and song information is not lost in zero and one translation.

NAME           #           Track         Contributing Artist        Album

File Name  Track #   Song Name   Artist info                Album Name



The file name is the only file Mind Coup can change.  The Track # will not display.  The Track will display along with Contributing Artist in DJ Auto Display across our server.  If the artist has not labeled this info, DJ Auto will display the Name by default.  If the Name was Track and Contributing Artist with no added info, the song would display as Name.mp3 which is the computer file name. Artists are encouraged to send us a 20 second message MP3 telling people to check out ther member page and thanks for listing to MCR.  Track info for the message can be your band's website or other message. 


DJ Auto is not always on the job.  Live events, we queue songs from playlists or Member Profile pages.  Filling out profile info will allow Mind Coup to see if you'd like us to play music off your page from our show.  Mind Coup would introduce the song and artist before playing at live events.


If you have any questions feel free to comment.

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