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Sep 24th

Question and Answer with lovely artist, Lauren Herraman

By corvus mae
 by Meta

Hello, Lauren! How are you?

L: Hey Meta, I'm really great, thanks.

M:    Lovely.  You attended Mind Coup's first Nelson show at the Old Church Hall in August, displaying your crittery cute animally melange illustrations. They are so deliciously unique and quirkily funny. What prompted you to design these?

L: Aww.. thanks love.  That's so sweet of you to talk about them like delicious treats.  Well the idea all came about last year in Australia when I won a drawing competition.  The theme was Synergy, so I fused animals together to create new and interesting species.  Then I moved to Nelson and was asked to do a little show here.  Exciting!  I didn't have much art equipment, so I thought I'd make it simple.  I used black pencil and pen with the same theme of small mashed up manimals.  I  created about 30 new drawings, most of which were inspired by the friends I had made here and their favourite animals.

M:  What is your favourite or most frequently used media?

L: My all time favourite medium is pen, pencil, and watercolour.  I love creating detailed drawings of animals, people, flora, and fauna.

M:  You have recently moved to the Koots from Australia. Why Nelson?

L:  Well, I had wanted to move to Canada for years and when I would tell people about it back home, so many would mention Nelson.  It was described as a beautiful little town srrounded by lush forests, mountains, and a lake, and there was a wonderfully artistic and creative community.  Sold!  Plus when I was living in New Zealand I worked with a friend from Nelson and another who has now moved to Nelson.  So it was nice to have a couple of connections.  So I felt very pulled towards this place.  Best decision ever!  I love it here and feel so at home.

M:  Do you have plans for more exhibitions in the near future?

L:  Yes, I certainly do.  I am currently organising an Animal Exhibition at the Dancing Bear Hostel in Nelson.  It will run for three months and starts in mid-January 2015.  It will include some wonderful local artists whose work I admire and is all unique.  Then I was lucky enough to have a good friend of mine organise an exhibition for me at Oso Negro next April.  I have ideas to get involved in more shows, so these and lots of little artistic projects are constantly keeping me a busy bee.  It's a lot of hard work, but it's great!  Very rewarding knowing that I am achieving what I came here to do.  My art!  Become a local working artist.

M:  Fantastic.  What motivates you artistically? Are there any other artists you admire? Why?

L:  Mmm.. I am motivated by passion, learning, and improvement.  I am also motivated by the incredible support and encouragement I get from my friends and family.  The reaction I receive from the observers of my drawings, the laughs, the smiles, the curious faces, the comments; it's all the positive feedback that keeps me going.  It's why I make art.  To make people happy.  Simple.

M:  Where can you be contacted in case we want to purchase some prints or originals?

L:  The best place toi check out my drawings is on my facebook page . Or I have email:

I do plan to create a little website for myself in the coming months too.  So watch this space. 

M: Sooo happy to talk with you, Laren.  You are so bright and chipper and inspiring.  So looking forward to working with you again soon. <3 
Sep 18th

Artist Profile 1: Meta Roselyn

By Meta

This is the first of a series of artist profiles associated with Mind Coup.

On August 16, 2014, there was a show in Nelson, BC, involving both artists and musicians.

The artists showing that night were Meta Roselyn, Meagan Anning, and Lauren Herraman.  Interviews and profiles are coming soon with the latter two. 

Since it would be silly to interview myself, I am going to write here a short autobiography and some pictures of what I do as an artist/illustrator.

Or I could interview myself.  I do like answering questions..

So, I was born in Ontario, Canada to a couple parents, my mother from Germany, my father from Scandinavian Stoughton, Wisconsin.  His father was Bob Homme, and had a show on the CBC for many years in which he portrayed a giant, named Friendly.  The Friendly Giant, actually.  

Anyway, he was big on creativity, and my father, being a pretty renowned jazz bassist, and my mother being a writer and gardener, I was surrounded by art and music and flowers.. It sounds easy, but really, I wasn't all that encouraged.  I was specifically encouraged to follow my German Opa's classical violin footprints, and specifically encouraged to be perfect at one thing.  So most of my time was spent rebelling in Forbidden Arts.  Which made it all the more wonderful.  Skipping school to read TS Eliot, skipping school to paint portraits of fairies while listening to forbidden '70s rock and roll music, skipping school to go to the lake and make up stories about mermaids and write poems.  I quote my mother to one of her friends, "OH GOD SHE WANTS TO BE A POET."

I spent all my time supposedly Dabbling in everything.. which I am glad about because the end product seems to be a blending of Everything.  There are hidden poems in my drawings, and sometimes those poems become songs which I write and perform or record.. I feel quite wealthy artistically, quite spiritually armed.  Maybe not in a conventional way, but I like it that way.  The script of my soul.

This collection of drawings which I presented at the show are highly intricate explorations of my concept of high beauty.  Beauty seems to be a priority in my life, and so it is a relief for me to sit down and illustrate sceneries which seem to create themselves out of the ether.  

These pictures involve beautiful women I know, portrayed through a venusian gauze which films my eyes.  Pointillism is my technique because I can shade slowly, take my time, laze in the sun, find balance.

I am currently creating more because it seems that I can't stop.

prints are for sale at starting with my dinosaur drawing, which I made for Trevor.


I will be interviewing Meagan Anning and LAuren Herraman momentarily.

thanks for your time :-D
Sep 18th

Mind Coup Interview With Nashville's Starr Belle

By Meta

with Starr Belle

by Meta

Hello, Starr Belle.

M: So, Starr. Last time Mind Coup caught up with you it was at the Music Row Songwriters Festival last year in Nashville, TN. You played a few sets for us that weekend. How was that experience for you?

Starr: I had a great time performing at the Songwriters Festival in Nashville, TN. I loved the fact that you could just be 'you', and let yourself get lost in the music!

M: Nice. What have you been up to since then? Any new inspirations or opportunities?

Starr: Most recently, I've got a single, 'Lovin' Up On You' that has been sent to all the Music Row stations. It was released on August 1st, so I'm excited to see where things go with it! I have an upcoming show at the Wilson Couty Fair in Lebanon, TN- this will be my 11th year in a row singing there.

M: Congratulations! Good luck with that. Where are you from and how has that shaped you musically?

Starr: I'm born and raised in Nashville, TN. That's had a huge influence on the sound of my music. As a young girl, I grew up listening to 'The Grand Ole Opry'. There was something about that 'Country Sound' that influenced my music style.

M: Lovely. Some people are musically inspired by experiences the have had, some from a place of revolutionary idealism, some focus primarily on romantic feelings, some draw from creative poetic impulse, while others express themselves energetically from the libido art of themselves. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Starr: As a performing artist/songwriter, I draw my inspiration primarily from creative/poetic impulses. I write song lyrics on the spur of the moment- whenever they come to me. I like to think of it as 'scattered thoughts and emotions poured out on paper'.

M: That's neat.. very true to the spirit and the immediate thoughts/truths/feelings..

Thanks for the interview and congratulations on your single! Hopefully we will hear more!

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