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Jul 28th

Question and answer with Meta Roselyn

By Mind Coup

Question and answer with Meta Roselyn

by Laurn C.

Today I am with Meta Roselyn. She is an artist, musician, poet and author. Is that correct?

"That is correct."

What is your favourite of the four?

"It's all the same to me as they all inspire each other. In my illustrations you'll find hidden poetry
that inspire lyrics which I often incorporate in my music.. they are all varying facets and expressions of the same source"

You play quite a few instruments as well, don't you? what are some of your best or favorites?

"I started out learning violin when I was 4; I used to get in trouble at elementary school for singing and dancing too much instead
of paying attention, so my mom put me in all sorts of music lessons.. maternal grandfather played jazz gypsy violin in the war
and was an inspiration to me.. so violin is the closest to me, although I really love singing, playing guitar and bass. My other grandfather
was also an inspiration, being a multi-instrumentalist, story-telling television personality called The Friendly Giant.
He encouraged me to pursue different instruments as well as literature and art." 

 Wow, the Friendly Giant! A lot of Canadians grew up watching that. I think your grandfather was most likely an inspiration to most
who could see his show.
And now you're here with Mind Coup. So what is it your doing to help the day to day at Mind Coup?

"Well, I seem to be happily busy multitasking here these days, preparing illustrations for the upcoming art show at the Old Church Hall
in Nelson, also doing some art for Jam0saurus Rex, being a part-time editor for the website, and helping to scout for new bands and
artists who might be interested in joining Mind Coup, which is really fun because I really love people and discovering new and hidden talent.
Also, I'm preparing to write some articles on the blog.  And playing music, of course, with a couple bands.  Trevor is sexy and I love him"

Now we got to ask this, without this turning into a gossip article. You're the newest member of Jam0saurus Rex. What prompted
the change in the bands line-up and how has it affected the music?

"Well isn't this a tough question.  Evidently, I came around during kind of a turbulent time among the previous band members. It seems we were all going through some rather dramatic situations, so when we connected musically, and I first jammed with them, it felt ethereally alchemized, and timely. What I added was a feminine tone on the electric violin, and also on vocals.  This is still new so I'm not even sure yet what else I will contribute.  When I first joined, we traded instruments around and I played some bass as well.. who knows.  There are a couple songs that I wrote, like Shadow and The Blue, in which I sing and play guitar instead of violin.  There aren't any drums at the moment, which the previous member used to play.. so I guess the music has changed tone somewhat. It's exciting to be able to play in this band.. the style of music is filled with colour and fire, which inspires me to get out of my head and collaborate in this psychedelic and electric sound."

Well we wish for what is the best for every one and it looks as if everyone is happy now so now it's time to keep jamming.
Tell us what song is your favorite.

"Squirrellyyy!!  I love the lyrics, and there are some really fun moments of sonic integration between the instruments and the mood which escalated so mutually.  I love the way the tones of the instruments blend, and the spontaneous humour of the words. There's a light, ironic, and magical quality."

That is a funny song, wasn't that one of Jam0saurus improv jams?

"Yes it sure was."

Good to know Jam0sausus Rex is staying a jamband!  And good luck with the live show Aug 16th I will be tuned in.   Listen to it on mind coup radio for sure. Thank you, Meta and I will be talking with you again soon I hope.


Jul 22nd

The New Mind Coup Radio Network

By Mind Coup

The New Mind Coup Radio Network
Interview with founder Trevor Dougherty

by Laurn C.

So Trevor, it seems you yet again changed the face of Mind Coup. Why the change?
"I loved the first site, and when it got hacked I was so upset. Building Mind Coup II with a blog form was a good step. I think it allowed fans to comment on artist pages through their facebook. Then I started having trouble with bandwidth, and some of my big shows were starting to crash."

That's kind of bittersweet.

"Yeah, we had some unhappy people. It was like hitting a brick wall for me. So now I am happy to say that's no longer a problem
for us and we have a much more interactive site now."

Now Mind Coup is a Social Network. What is it that draws you to that direction?

"There's just no way I could keep the site growing in a blog format. Now bands and artists can manage their own pages. I am excited to meet the fans as well. Having that kind of connection to who is listening is key. I think it will help us gain more sponsors as well, and that good for bands and fans."

I noticed now your starting to add downloadable content. How are you able to give away free mp3s?

"Ah, good question.. Mind Coup has recorded every event. We now give away the recordings to bands and fans if a band come on the show and plays live. We give them a recording of the event if they let us play and give it away for download."

Aren't you and the bands losing money that way?

"I don't think so.. it's hard for bands to make money selling mp3s. This is great promo for their studio album and website. It's also a good booking tool for bands to have a good live recording."

That's a good way of looking at it. I guess it works for everyone.

"The truth is that if you're a local band, you're better off selling a t-shirt than an mp3."

So what type of success do you plan to have with this?

"If I can keep giving bands and fans free mp3s, that's a big success for me. I like to see bands get out of the studio and in front of their fans."

Well said. And with that, thank you for your time. We will catch up with you again soon.

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