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Oct 8th

BTV Product Review

By Mind Coup

BTV Product Review

Mind Coup Radio Product Review


BTV is a downloadable beat production studio software program for Mac and PC. Its main focus is to
create great sounding music in a super easy-to-use format. Co-founder Bod Ezrin, producer of
Peter Gabriel, Alice Cooper, and Pink Floyd The Wall stated:

 “My partners and I spent years building this thing
  and I’m glad we did because what we finally ended up
  with is what we set out to do.”

 BTV is set up like a drum machine or mpc. Build custom kits, create patterns, and build songs
It is easy to get patterns down with the adjustable step record and 16-track mixer. Using the
keys on my laptop or the touch screen was all I needed. You can hook up a midi controller if you
like, as well. There are different sized sound libraries available that range from 1,000 to 7,500.
Using only the 1,000 sample sound library, I found it easy to get what I was looking for. I will
be getting the full sound library soon now that I know it's such a fun program to use. I must say
that I was not expecting this much as it's such an inexpensive program, but I was super surprised.
I paid $450.00 for a Roland drum muchine and it never sounded anything like this. To get a great
sounding program for $27.00 is unheard of. I have spent more on mic cables. With the full version,
you also get the sampler, which is super useful for recording your own sounds. Along with the
massive sound libary, it'sthe best way to go. The program runs super smooth and I would trust it
for a live show. It's easy to export the songs and patterns to burn or upload into Pro Tools or
your favourite production software. I myself am yet to produce a hit record like Jermaine Dupri,
but I hope you will check out one of the tracks I have created.


Ckeck out this Link for more on the BTV  beat production studio software


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