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May 12th

Dream Meanings

By Eden

Dream Meanings

Have you ever put up with a repeated dream?  Most of us have had them from time to time.  The very fact that it is a dream that you know repeats means it is a dream you remember.  We know that we all dream lots of dreams throughout a given night of sleep.  But only a few dreams poke through to our conscious mind so we are aware of them.  So if a dream can break through that barrier, that is a persistent dream that has more power than most dreams because it can blow down that wall between sleep and being awake and get your attention.

If a dream blows down that wall over and over again, that is the kind of dream that is really trying to get your attention.  So if you can find out what the meaning of that dream is, the first good of it is that it will help you resolve whatever your subconscious is trying to tell you to fix.  But maybe the best outcome is that when you resolve whatever is so important to your subconscious that it keeps barging into your conscious mind, that dream can finally go away.  And in most cases, we are darn glad to see those repeated dreams disappear.

To try to "decipher" what your subconscious is trying to say, first put the dream, whether it is a one time dream that was disturbing or a repeating dream, in the context of your life.  If you think about your dreams or you keep a dream journal (which is a very good idea), you will identify connections between events that happened the day before the dream or within a week that are directly connected to the dream.  Hence, if you are going to start a new job, move to a new town or start a new school, you will often have a dream where you are in a place you don’t understand and you are trying to figure it out.

There isn’t a lot of action you need to take about that kind of dream.  But it helps to understand that your subconscious mind is just coping with the same level of anxiety that your conscious mind is trying to get through.  By knowing the simple meaning of that dream, you can see what is going on in your subconscious and you can make the connection to your real life.

The subconscious "thinks" in ideas and emotions and reactions to events.  Fears, doubts, misgivings, hurt feelings, myths and paranoia will all live full lives in your subconscious mind.  By connecting those images to the real life events that caused those feelings and emotional thoughts, you can resolve the emotional difficulty in your subconscious simply by "having a good talk" with yourself.  And when you do that, you release your subconscious to tackle the next big problem in your life.  That is good management of your dream life by knowing the meaning of dreams and what to do about them.


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Feb 3rd

Talent Agents & Talented Lazy Artists

By BrennanDylan
An important thing I've learned about Talent Agents is they universally despise the talented lazy artist because they do not want to partner with a lazy dog regardless of talent. In other words, agents do not want to push on a string. Let me rephrase that, talent agents will not push on a string and only partner with artists who have a good work ethic. Talent only gets an artist so far. Its BUZZ that gets artists to the top and BUZZ comes with good strategic planning & effort ie Mush you salty artist dogs.........MUSH!!! That said, there are absolutely no guarantees but I'm going for it anyway. I've been eating canned crow and calling it fresh sockeye salmon for so long now that even the slightest positive pumps me up.

Remember, just last week I said there would be no more voting. Well, I was wrong. In a naive stupor, I concluded that we would win
Artist of The Month because we had more votes than any band or artist all month. Sounded logical to me but I slipped on a banana peel into a voting booth this morning and I'd really appreciate it if you would take a minute and vote for Men Without Armies to become Artist of The Month.

Its easy..........just click on this link:
Next, scroll down to the Green Patch and please vote for Men Without Armies. It was Your Support that really helped kick start 2015 for us and we would be very grateful for your help in keeping the momentum rolling. Thank you.............Keep Rockin'!!!

Brennan Dylan
Feb 2/15

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