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Nov 1st

Having Your Music Play On Mind Coup Radio

By Mind Coup

Mind Coup Radio plays songs and shows two ways.  Our never resting DJ Auto is playing song playlists off our Mind Coup Radio server.  To get your music to DJ Auto, all you need to do is send your song mp3s via email (  Adding songs to your page will not get your music to DJ Auto. To help us ensure what songs you like played, and that we don't play any songs without permission, we require song files to be emailed to us with some kind of message asking us to play the tracks.  DJ Auto is great because it displays song and artist info across all our streaming platforms.  Mind Coup can be streamed through media players like quicktime realplayer winamp windows player and more.  Streaming from Mind Coup's website and facebook page are also options.  Our Sponsoring website may also have our player on their webpages as well.  Being that DJ Auto only communicates through zeros and ones, it's necessary to have song information properly labeled.  Digital song files should be labeled like this so the artist and song information is not lost in zero and one translation.

NAME           #           Track         Contributing Artist        Album

File Name  Track #   Song Name   Artist info                Album Name



The file name is the only file Mind Coup can change.  The Track # will not display.  The Track will display along with Contributing Artist in DJ Auto Display across our server.  If the artist has not labeled this info, DJ Auto will display the Name by default.  If the Name was Track and Contributing Artist with no added info, the song would display as Name.mp3 which is the computer file name. Artists are encouraged to send us a 20 second message MP3 telling people to check out ther member page and thanks for listing to MCR.  Track info for the message can be your band's website or other message. 


DJ Auto is not always on the job.  Live events, we queue songs from playlists or Member Profile pages.  Filling out profile info will allow Mind Coup to see if you'd like us to play music off your page from our show.  Mind Coup would introduce the song and artist before playing at live events.


If you have any questions feel free to comment.

Apr 22nd

Playing For Tips

By Mind Coup

At Mind Coup we know sometimes you end up playing for tips.  Well now you can get tips from fans on your members page!  Add a paypal link to let fans donate a tip amount to your account.  To add the link, edit your page and paste the link for paypal in the "tip this artist" field.  If you're a fan, add your favorite artist's tip link to your page!  We like to see bands offering deals to fans for giving them tips as well!  Like music, signed pictures, anything you like.  If you have free music in the audio stash, we will include your tip link in the magazine!  There are a few videos on youtube that can help you set up the paypal account and "donate" link.  Note you will use the email link in the field on your home page. This is the link to tip Mind Coup Radio!


You can add it in a blog to like this.. Send me a tip and I will email you awesome MP3s!  Member blogs are a great way to sell music, art, or merch.  Members can have  blogs published in Mind Coup Magazine for just 11.99!  You can also book a gig from our Magazine Staff and have them do a feature with you.  Book gigs with staff member Edennormandy , S&!tHouse Poet , Dylman , and Meta Plus More Gigs ON THE WAY!




Mar 23rd

Think Positive

By Imadi

Positive thinking leads to positive action exercising and evolving the power of the mind IMADI MUSIC is resonated with positive energy and messages

Mar 9th

The Digital Label

By Online Studios

online studios 


We guide you through recording and can have amazing studio

musicians play on your tracks We mix and master your tracks

to get your EP or album radio ready We can publish your music,

book gigs, get you radio play and get your media viral Online

Studios is a professional recording studio located in Nelson, BC,

featuring the best of both vintage analog and modern digital tools.

Music is our passion, and we focus on making a big sound in an

intimate setting. Getting your music heard is just as important to

us. We get you gigs, interviews and radio play. We help you record

your album! We are flexible on our rates, as each production has

special needs. Our passion is to help musicians make awesome-

sounding recordings. We do sign talent offering recording, booking

and management deals.

STUDIO TIME: Our studio time books an engineer and studio

musicians. We can produce beats, or have any professional

musicians play to your songs. The artists are paid for their time in

a flat fee giving the artist full song rights unless otherwise contracted

with creative song rights.

MIXING: Mixing is done in the studio on both ends. Let us go through

your studio with video and chat to get your mix sounding great. Then

send it to us so we can mix it down and send it to be mastered.

MASTERING: Let us master your tracks for the best digital experience.

We will master you songs in various formats for different applications.

Publishing / Booking / Marketing: We can publish your music to online

stores, get you featured in blogs and magazines, book you gigs and

get your songs on the radio. We also offer management services and

social media promotions.



Mar 6th

Winter Fest 2015!

By Meta

Well, what a fun couple of days those were for late February! It was Trevor and Dylan's birthday celebration, as well as a general celebration for the wintertime, as we come to the end of it, and as we anticipate spring.

Some awesome bands came by to play and were streamed on the radio, including Vague Notion, Soniko, Jamosaurus Rex, Katy Kaboom, Hypnotic Deliverance, some guest harmonies here and there by Corvus Mae, and plenty of jam time, in the woodfire-warmed studio.

This was the first time we experienced Vague Notion live, and we were so pleasantly surprised. They had been on several of our radio shows before, and we loved them already but this was a very neat experience. Cheryl's vocals are so strong and clear like water, flexible and powerful, and rooted from the earth before seeming to soar up into the clouds. Bevan was fun to watch because he is obviously a very good musician, cultivated and strong. His guitar playing accented their music so well and gave an organic quality to the electro sounds. Again, roots to the earth. And his drumming is top notch.

Soniko played a beautiful set, starting with an intro with Katy Kaboom on vocals, (she and Corvus Mae had just finished a short set together, Mae on acoustic guitar, Katy freestyling), and this was all very fun. Soniko has an exotic quality (obviously), his South American roots blending with local First Nations inspirations. He hangs with the Sinixt tribe here in the valley, and has some beautiful visions of and for humanity. We always love to listen to him.

There were vendors vending (Gerry's organic, essential-oil enhanced chocolates, homemade multicoloured beaded jewelry, some cool biker jewelry made of crazy metals, gemstones, pottery, locally made lotions and soaps, and a henna artist named Taryn).

Also there were the light painters, Michael Hornyak and his busy little crew, lighting up the place so beautifully and making awesome videos of the live music. Check out soon to see this footage. They are really amazing guys, innovative and artistic.

People gathered around the fire in the fire pit, and lots of interesting discussions and laughs with Dylan, who, along with Trevor, invented some fun and ridiculous games among bunches of balloons and strewn sequins on snow.

Art covered all the walls in the gallery, and Katy had her art adorning all the buildings; bright, multicoloured, Venusian spirit art. It brought all the buildings to life and it was all very magical.

It was really cool to have some new people enter the compound and explore what Mind Coup is about. The local scene is widening and fresh ideas and forces are being joined. The team is happily expanding. It is inspiring to know that there are other very unique and creative people not too far away. Who knows what collaborations might ensue from this.

The spring is coming, and I am sure we will be putting more events on soon, be it here at the compound, or in town. Coming up is the Delhi 2 Dublin show, which will be streamed this March, so stay tuned for that. Also, to look forward, we have Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses Episode 2 coming in April, Audio Stash Episode 3, among many more. Keep your eyes open, also, for our new Mind Coup Magazine, which will be released several times of the year, featuring the best of Mind Coup; blogs, articles, reviews, interviews, upcoming shows and events, and fresh opportunities.

Feb 5th

Meta Hoepfner-Homme: Violin in the Kootenays

By Meta

Meta Hoepfner-Homme: Enthusiastic, Fun and Intensive

Music Teacher

Biography/ Teaching Philosophy:

I am a music teacher having come from the Toronto area with a whole lifetime of musical experience. I was born to a musical family; my grandfather was Bob Homme, aka the Friendly Giant, who was a huge influence on me as a child and also continues to be as an adult, as we share the same passions; guiding children in the way of music, reading, and making the most use of the imagination in a gentle but firm way. He taught me to not talk down to children, but to communicate with them in a way they can understand, namely images, sound, and wordplay. There is no need to condescend, and very often they are eager to learn, and naturally curious. I have developed a teaching method these past 20 years on how to reach children and nurture their natural instincts to learn, with attention to making sure they don't feel discouraged, pressured, or negative towards their instrument. Any pressure is a friendly motivation, a friendly competition through being inspired by other children, or beautiful music they themselves would like to excel at.

My father was Bob Homme's son, Richard Homme, who was a session bassist, having played with many amazing musicians, including Heart, k.d. Lang, Oscar Peterson, Holly Cole, Loreena McKennit, was in Hagood Hardy's band, touring all over the world from Morocco to Spain to Bahamas to Mexico to Japan to Germany, among many others. When he was young, one of his bass teachers was Ron Carter, Miles Davis' bass player. He lived the life of a musician, so this is what I know. The way he influenced me as a musician is to have high, impeccable standards for myself and to not settle for sub-par performance. I aim to influence my students to do the same, and to realize this for themselves.

My other grandfather, Paul Hoepfner, was a gypsy jazz violinist from Germany. He influenced me with his passion and gusto and creative fire. He was my muse as I practiced violin, growing up.

All three of these family members (among many other amazing teachers, musical and otherwise) have helped shaped my philosophy:

1) Using gentle nurturing, warmth, intelligence, enthusiasm, and good communication as key to creating a good practicing and learning environment. Also, exposing students to a wide variety of musical styles and ideas is important, especially in this day and age where everything is spread so thin. Being aware of the origins of many styles of music is healthy to know about as a musician.

2) Guiding students to be self-motivated and rise to standards of greatness, solidity, quality, and excellence. Practicing good posture and technique is a large part of this.

3) Showing students how to express themselves and feel the music, how to use their own personal sense of creativity to their fullest.

I am a Suzuki trained violinist, and graduated from Royal Conservatory of Music grade 10 with Honours. I have played in many youth orchestras, adult orchestras, string trios/quartets/quintets, chamber groups (including SOCMI with David Zafer), and have also done solo performances with piano accompaniment. Graduating grade 10 is an equivalent to a University degree in music, and includes achieving grade 5 harmony, grade 5 history, and grade 6 piano.

I took a Suzuki teacher training course in Guelph, Ontario, and passed with 100%. I have taught privately, coached quartets/quintets, and taught group lessons at Suzuki camps in Ontario, as well. I am also strongly influenced by the Suzuki method. I have been teaching privately at various schools and from my home since 1996.

The following are my prime values as a teacher:

1) Musical Understanding/Tonalization: Children and adults alike should cultivate their ears before sight reading, (be able to sound out a song, or at least whether a note is higher or lower), but I do like to introduce sight reading quite early nonetheless, as a companion to ear training. I feel they should meld together, seeing the music on the page, they should be able to hear/equate it in their heads. Also, intonation is crucial in violin. It is very easy to make a note sound terrible, and a person can't be lazy with this. Tonalizations are exercises students do before each practice, ensuring that the notes are in tune, and being paid attention to carefully.

2) Ear Training is crucial: There are many fun games I play with kids to help them cultivate their ear and listening/observation skills. It is also a neat tool for kids who have trouble focusing. Some of my tests involve playing songs with your eyes closed, playing songs in new keys, copying what I play without looking, and even writing stories along with songs determined by the way the songs progress. I make sure that every song is memorized before they can proceed to the next one.

3) Imagery: Images, shapes, colours, metaphors are really helpful when communicating through music.

4) Repetition: Stressing repetition through practice and making it an enjoyable habit. Monitoring progress.

5) Recitals: It is always inspiring for kids to see other kids perform music. The beginners ahve a chance to see what is in store for them, and also a sense of friendly competition is created. Children have a chance to meet others who also play, and maybe even start other duets or quartets with them. It is nice meeting like-minded individuals, and to feel they are actually performing, and communicating everything they have learned. A chance to feel special, recognized, and accomplished.

Classes available: Private violin lessons, small group lessons (Suzuki, string quartets), children's choir (looking for new members), guitar lessons, theory lessons, beginner piano lessons, bass guitar lessons

Where I am and how to get here:

Crescent Valley, off Pass Creek rd. Email me for details:


Private Violin Lessons: I charge $20/ half hour or $25/ 45 minutes

Group Lessons/Choir: Email me for details

Piano, guitar, bass, theory: Email me for details

Jan 18th

What Dose Mind Coup Radio Stand For?

By Mind Coup
Mind Coup Radio was founded on a unique set of principles that are truly revolutionary for the time we live in.  This will help you better understand our goals and what we hope to achieve with this interactive music website.

Starting the radio show in Nashville, TN, we got to see firsthand the criminal nature on the music industry and what it stands for. This quiet legalized crime is going unseen by most; in fact, many artists are tricked by their hopes of becoming a major artist that they never see the true outcome of what the industry is doing. These corporate giants pry off people's dreams and use their hopes to control the music industry.  What we are about to expose to you is so outragious it will sound untrue and unbelievable, but sadly it is what has happened when government and big corporations try to control the music industry.

Bands get paid a small royalty every time a song plays on the radio. In order for this to happen, bands must sign the licensing rights over to a major music licensing company in order to be played on the radio. Some might know this but many don't, that every song on the radio is paid for by record labels and the licensing companies. They buy their artists radio air time as an investment and collect the royalties when it's a hit. That's right, hit songs are bought and paid for, not earned. Every time the song is played live, on a juke box, or by a dj, a royalty is collected for the artist. This system tightly controls who will have a hit song on the radio. If you are one of their selected artists because you have close ties to a corporation or politician, then this system would make you very happy.  You might be surprised that musicians and actors are family to CEO's and politicians. I wish the fraud would stop here but sadly it get much worse, and now I can explain the truly criminal nature of the music business.

The classic Nashville scam - songwriters flock to Nashville with high hopes and big dreams. It's not hard to find a label that will take thousands of dollars to record and get you a demo. They prey off your talent and hopes and use it as a tool to decieve you. Now you got your demo and your little plastic trophy saying you're artist of the year ...Now What??  You spent your savings and now you're booking gigs in your small local town. You go to an open mic at a coffee shop and play a song. As per your deal you report back to Nashville. Most never understand what they've just done. You just spent your savings to start a major corporate law suit.  Since most small local coffee shops don't pay thousands of dollars a year to the music licensing company, you playing your three songs just got your favorite local coffee shop fined $150,000 fine per song. No small business can fight this kind of major law suit. I personally have seen this happen on Mind Coup Radio, and to be honest, the artists playing their original  songs no one even knows, were not even good. It does not stop there. Try the coffee shop that was shut down for having Guitar Hero. That's right, just playing a CD could get you into lots of trouble. Just as terrifying if you're Joe Schmo and you favorite song is Free Bird. You play it live for you buddies at a pub and they record it on an iPhone and post it on FB with a tag. Joe Schmo and the pub are looking at fighting a major lawsuit. It is not legal to play a cover song unless you pay. Even more crazy if alcohol or dancing is involved, you must pay much more. You might be thinking, "I see cover songs all the time on youtube." Well that is legal to a point because youtube pays music licensing companies. However, if you record it live from a venue you're just telling on yourself. In your room by yourself, youtube cover song posts are ok because they pay, but let's say you have a website. If you post the cover song on your website using an embeded code from the youtube video, you're no longer safe. Your website must pay licensing fees to host cover songs. If that's not a big enough outrage to you then keep reading! How about you take your mom out to a nice dinner for her birthday. The staff of the restaurant all come out to sing some kind of crazy birthday song. Why?? It's illegal to sing Happy Birthday! Over 2 million dollars a year are collected in Happy Birthday lawsuits. That's what BMI, ACSAP, and SOCAN have done for the good people of the world. They made family tradition a crime. If you think that is ok, then go to your profile page now and cancel your membership with Mind Coup Radio.

Great, you're still with us. That's good because we love our members, and  I love Jimi Hendrix. Did you know he has a brother? His brother plays guiter and is not allowed to perfom his own brother's song. In fact, no one born to the Hendrix family gets one dime on his estate. I have given up on bands that let licensing companies start massive lawsuits taking hard working musicians' houses, garnishing their wages for life, or jailed. Why are the Rolling Stones suing fans and venues for playing their music?  If you're a band and you don't want fans to play your music, then why play music at all?  Five years on Mind Coup Radio and I asked just one person to show me a check from a music licensing company that has even $20.00 on it. Yet people pay BMI and ASCAP to collect their money, all a scam to control the music industry based off people's dreams, or playing their music for people. They end up unknowingly being a corporate spy. Mind Coup Radio is the knife to cut thought this ironic paradoxes. We don't need millon dollar studios. We don't need FM radio. You're here at Mind Coup Radio. We can show the world there is an alternative.

Jan 14th

FREE EverStryke Matches!!!

By Joe Marshall


Has it all: Contains the ferro rod and wick in one all-inclusive fire starting kit that fits conveniently in your pocket.

Strikes hot, burns hot: Ferro rod strikes at over 3000 degrees and flame burns at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit

Long Lasting: Each match is capable of 15,000 long burning strikes. Built in O-Ring keeps fuel from evaporating indefinitely ( A Zippo can run dry in as little as a week!)

Easy to use: If you can strike a match you can start a fire (and this one won't burn your fingertips).

Ultimate survival tool: In a survival situation a fire is life, this tool will make sure that you can start a fire whenever, wherever you need it.

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