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May 21st

Zaza la Terreur: Dynamism and Melodies

By Meta

Welcoming to Mind Coup Radio the fantastic Zaza la Terreur from Quebec City. She adds to the show an amazing power, and a rocking aspect. It is easy to get swept away in her music, just like with siren song.

M- Hi! Welcome to episode II of Mind Coup's Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses. I am listening to your songs right now, the one called “Silence, je dors encore” and am loving the chord progressions, and the unexpected changes once in a while. It is obvious that you have learned classical music, in subtle ways. When did you start learning music, and when did you start writing it?

ZT- I started learning the piano at the age of 6, I took private lessons until the age of 14, and at that age, I started learning the guitar self-taught. I started writing a few little songs at the age of 10 years at the piano, without lyrics, and at the age of 15 years on guitar, with lyrics and more established structures. I discovered a new aspect of music that really appealed to me, I gradually abandoned the classical repertoire to dive into the world of alternative rock, it was a real revelation!

M- You have this amazing power to your voice, open tone and some natural growling that shows itself like a bow flinging an arrow. Warriorlike. émoticône smile Who are your influences, vocally, or who do you admire?

ZT- Vocally, I like the interpreters who live their songs, and offer beautiful textures in their voice. When I started singing, I focused only on the tonality and strength of my voice, and with time, I worked the subtlety and texture to better interpret and live the songs. I love singers like Dave Grohl, Kurt Cobain, Tom Yorke, Bono, Peter Gabriel, Bjork, Tori Amos, Micheal Stipe, Thomas Fersen, Bif Naked, Gwen Stefany, Jean Leloup, Beth Gibbons, PJ Harvey, John Lennon, and a lot more!

M- You are a fan of grunge.. what aspects of grunge do you like? What is it that draws you?

ZT- I like the instinctive aspects and energy of grunge, without artifice, the mixture of rought, but still beautiful melodies. My favorite grunge band is undoubtedly Nirvana, I learned to play guitar by learning their songs and their sound inspired me. Grunge rallied the fabulous power of punk, and some more catchy aspects of pop, it was the heartfelt cry of a generation, I was joined in my adolecence a lot, it literally changed my vision of music, and I still have a lot of fun to listen to today!

M-What is it like in Quebec City? Is there a lot going on in the music scene? How do you fit into it?

ZT- I have been active on the scene of Quebec for many years, but in recent years, I confess myself, I'm a bit disconnected from the stage and the local scene, I just wanted to work in my home studio to compose and record new material, and I prefer today make jams and recording with friends in my room with a good beer at friday night! I still like to do some shows occasionally, but I realize myself musically otherwise, it must be the thirties!!

M-You are also an author! What kinds of things do you write? Where can we find it?

ZT- I like to write about nature, I love spending time at my cabin in the woods, it's vital for me. I also write on the environment, time, perceptions, and sometimes, on social issues, including domestic violence, because I work in a shelter for women victims of domestic violence for over 10 years, their strength and courage inspire me a lot

M-What was your other band like? Lady Gonzalez..

ZT- Lady Gonzalez is a group that existed from 1998 to 2008. Initially, we were 3 girls who loved to play rock, and a fourth joined us. We started with songs from girls singers bands, and walked up one of over 80 songs repertoire. We played shows in all Quebec province, that was so great!! With years, we began to compose our own songs and included original material in our show. The public reaction was very welcoming, so we recorded an album, and have launched in 2007. Unfortunately, the band broke up a few months after launch..

M- Who are the supporting musicians in your band? Do you all have a great connection?

ZT- I'm fortunate to play with some very talented longtime friends with a professional background, we have a very beautiful connection. I had the chance to play with different musicians and bands in my career, and friendship has always been a key factor to keep the focus on fun and good musical chemistry!

M-Do you go on tour or play local venues?

ZT- No, not for now ... I recently refused a few gigs, but this is only a postponement! Thank you very much Meta, it was a pleasure to answer and practice my English, sorry again for the time, rock on!!

M- Thank You!

May 21st

l'Octopus: Blissful Grooves & Bass Ingenuity

By Meta


Presenting the lovely Quebecoise, Claudia Gagne, a bass playing, grooving phenomenon with a songstress flair, and many tentacles.

M- Hello! Thanks so much for being on the second episode of sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses! You are one of three Quebecois on this show, apart from Mia Lotus and Zaza le Terreur. What part of Quebec are you from and what is the music scene like there?

CG-Hi! I'm very happy to participate to this radio show. Thanks again for the invitation :) . I live in down town Quebec City. There is a great musical scene in here! I am part of an artist collective called La Palette.

La Palette is an independent record label. There are really good artists and musicians that I admire a lot such as Jane Ehrhardt, Gab Paquet, Simon Paradis, Stéphane Robitaille and Pascal Pico Larouche. We do a lot of shows and cabarets together in Quebec City and Montreal. We also have a collective band with all the artists of La Palette : Le St-Jean-Baptiste-Country Club. It looks like a big party everytime we play together.. it's fun :)

There's is also a great project called Le Pantoum. It's kind of a concert hall /studio / loft/ repetition center /bring your own beer place. They do underground concerts with bands from everywhere in Canada, Europe, United States, and even Japan! It brings a nice vibe here in Quebec city.

M- That bass playing you do is pretty original and percussive. Have you played bass since you were very young?

CG- Thank you!:) No, I started playing bass when I was thirteen or fourteen years old. My brother, wich is older than me, is a bass player too, so he inspired me a lot. I started to play in rock bands when I was in high school. At cegep, I decided to study classical doublebass and to continue in jazz music at University Laval.

M- Who are your favourite bass players who have inspired you?

CG- It is difficult to say because I don't really have a favorite bass player. But when I started playing bass, I learned almost all the songs of Red Hot Chilli Peppers. So thanks to Flea! Now I know how to groove! :)

M- What kind of bass do you play? That is so neat.

CG- Thank you!! My acoustic bass is made by a Quebec luthier that is name Benoit Lauzé of Les Guitares Dièse. He is based in St-Jean-Port-Joli, a beautiful village. Sincerely, I tried a lot of these instruments, and the ones of M. Lauzé are awesome! He does acoustic guitars too! You can find him on Facebook as Les Guitares Dièse.

M- Wonderful!

I like the way you introduce your band members as tentacles. Where did the name l'Octopus come from?

CG- Haha this is funny.. well, many years ago, I watched a documentary about octopuses. I found that animal so intrigant, mysterious and incredible! It changes colors and shapes as it wants... When I started my solo project, I thought again about that documentary and I decided to go into that idea : the multitasking, the colors, etc..

Also, because the percussions takes a lot of place in the songs, I found that the word Oc-to-pus sounded very percussive. I added the `L'` to take off the english meaning ( I sing in french so that's also a good reason) and keep the sound/image of the word.

M- Who else plays with you?

CG- Last year, I introduced Hugo LeMalt to the project. He plays acoustic and electric guitar, and lapsteel too. He helps me a lot with his great musical ideas. I just added a new member in the band : my brother David Gagné. As I said earlier, my brother is also a bass player. As the third tentaclule of the Octopus, he his on the drum! In fact, the co-producer of the album Hugo Lebel thought about adding a small drum kit in the songs. The idea is too have a background beat that supports the songs, in the low range.

M- Can you tell us a little about the song Yukon?

CG- I wrote this song when I went to Yukon two years ago. I was Treeplanting in north BC all summer. Me and a friend decided to make a road trip in Yukon after de season. So that's what we did. It was so amazing! I just simply fell in love with the place. There is something so special.. the energy, the vibration.. I don't know. The song just came, like that, just like it existed already..

M- Do you tour around? What are your musical goals for the next few years?

CG- For now I don't do a lot of shows because I am working on my first album! It will be released on november 2015. I did a lot of shows around Quebec City in the past year. For now, I need to focus on the songs and the musical aspect of the project. I will start to tour after the release, in winter 2016 and summer for festivals.

M- How did you meet Mia Lotus? She is a fellow Selkie on the show.

CG- I never had the chance to meet Mia Lotus yet, but we talked a lot on facebook. I met her because she asked me to be part of her project as a doublebass player. Because I'm already involved in a lot of projects, I had to decline her offer. But we realised that we share lots and our passion for music is very similar. The drummer she plays with, Alex, is a friend of mine. We had a band many, many years ago... Like we say.. the world is very small (this is an expression we say a lot in french.. haha)

May 21st

Danielle Miller- She is the Daisy

By Meta


Introducing the spellbinding and timeless Danielle Miller, a songstress from Southern California. She captures the essence of everything floral, ancient, and rooted. She can do everything, it seems, and with elegance.

M- Hi Danielle! You are a Very Interesting Person. You seem to capture some gorgeous themery in everything you do, from writing, to photography, to singing and music, to healing and general lifestyle. What I get from it is that you are at once very close to the earth, but also escalated into an airy, clear place of simple exaltation. There is a timeless or vintage quality about you. What do you think?

DM- Firstly, thank you kindly for your perspective and interest in what I have created. I think that you have summed it up very well and have absorbed the the meaning I have tried in so many forms to convey. Healing is the most important quality music has to offer in my opinion. That and inspiration.

M- What kinds of things did you love to do when you were little?

DM- I loved to imagine like any child. There was never a shortage of scenarios to dream into life. I was always pretending the car was a spaceship, talking to trees, being a mermaid. I loved exploring my neighborhood and being outdoors.

M- You remind me of those cool people in the 60s, in England. Steeleye Span is evoked, the ancient folk revival. Good quality earthy music, connected directly to the earth and the flowers. I can smell thyme when I hear your guitar playing. What kind of music do find the most inspiration from, and who moves you?

DM- That is a humongous compliment in my eyes! I love Steeleye Span and English folksingers. Traditional folk songs have captivated my heart such as Jean Ritchie and Shirley Collins. I love the simplicity, rawness, and beauty. I would say traditional folk music, and some modern folk music is my greatest inspiration. Joanna Newsom in an artist that moves me. Years ago when I first heard her I thought, "there is something about this", and I listened on repeat after that. Everything about her music moved me. The lengthiness of her songs, her poetic storytelling, the imagery, her unique and raw style of singing, and of course, the magical harp. It combines all the things I adore. I have a fondness for solo songwriters.

M- Shirley Collins was amazing! I love all that stuff too. This vintage-feeling (forgive me for the terminology) thing is so neat, from colouring photographs, to the musical style. What is it about the traditional folk music, the old-style ways that you love?

DM- I would have to say it is the timelessness. Some things in life are just timeless and no matter how I grow, or what changes come about, some things will remain golden to me. The old-style ways were the beginning, and everything evolved from that point and I treasure where it came from.

M- Do you have any other musical projects on the go? Do you play with others?

DM- I am mainly focused on my solo music because it is always a constant project. My boyfriend Tommy Cornell and I have some song ideas planned and hope to record an album together. Our goal is that he will accompany my solo songs by playing instruments like slide guitar, and possibly keys. He also has an alternative-grunge band called 'The Glass Daggers' that released an album this past year.


I was also a part of my brother's band in the past but have since moved onto my own music. Though, I am still a part of recordings singing harmony. He plays folk rock under the title 'In Autumn'


And lastly, I recorded a song with my sister-in law. We had a brief project called 'The Whispering Bells' that is currently on hold but I am sure we will make another appearance in the future.

M- Can you name three authors you admire?

DM- Hans Christian Andersen, Hellen KellerEmily Dickinson

M- Can you name three flowers that you love right now?

DM- Lavender, Queen Anne's Lace, Snapdragons.

M- Beautiful. Where and when do you feel the most at peace?

DM- I feel the most at peace whenever I am in nature it seems. My boyfriend and I love to just spend hours at a park or take a trip to the mountains and paint a picture, have a picnic and just observe and take in the beauty around us. There is something incredibly comforting about being somewhere beautiful with someone you love.

M- Can you tell us a bit about where you are living right now in California? The landscape and flora look absolutely dreamy.

DM- I live in Southern California. I just moved to Temecula which is known for their wine country area which is in fact lovely. Southern California is a dessert landscape primarily but there are many fields near where I live and there is also a lake. It is quite suburban in Southern California though there are hidden places filled with so much beauty and foliage if you just look for it. The ocean and mountains are also in our backyard so really, it isn't hard to find someplace dreamy.

M- I hear lots of people adore Temecula. It keeps coming up.

What kinds of music scenes are around you?

DM- This question makes me sad because there really aren't enough music scenes. Especially as far as venues go. The community for music is very much lacking here but the need for the community seems stronger than ever. I really hope something comes for those who yearn for that place. It is hard to say what style of music is the most "in" because the styles that my loved ones and I play are so out of character for where we live it seams. I hope I was able to answer this question. Haha.

M- I get you.. Times are changing everywhere, it seems.

Do you play live very often?

DM- I actually do not. I am trying to muster up the courage once again, especially since I have so many new songs to sing. I suffer from anxiety so I came to a point where even physically, it was too overwhelming. I want to defeat this though and overcome the fear so that I can share my music to others once again. When I was playing live, I felt very accepted, and it gave me so much purpose.

M- From what I have experienced, it appears that those who have anxiety for performing seem to really care about their music, it means something. I for one would love to see you perform. If you are ever on tour coming through BC, let us know. :-)

May 20th

The Transcendental Kimberly Pierson

By Meta

Kimberly Pierson,  the force behind a wide range of experimental and soulful music, deep reaching photography, a poet, and an author of prose.  She is genuine, spiritual, and unafraid of shadows.  A perfect Selkie.

M- Hi Kimberly! We are so happy to have you on the Selkies show for episode II. You add a very mystical air, combining darkness and light. Your music is like soul travel. How did you get started musically?

KP- Thank you so much! I am so happy to be a part of the show!

I never followed through with the traditional musical education and continue to approach writing on an intuitive basis. Finding the chords that evoke something essential within me, and build on them...

In my early teenage years I spent a summer in a house of a musician where sprawled amongst the sparse furniture were instruments laying all about. I was alone a lot there, and to pass the time I tinkered with these curious creature-esque apparatuses trying to make them sing for me like they did for their owner. None truly resonated with me until I sat down at a piano and played and played and played until it was like some memory bubbling up from the depths of me.

I had always loved to sing, but reserved as I was, did it only in secret. It was a few years later when I met my step-sister, Luara Karlson-Carp, that I discovered this reservoir of courage I had to give voice to my songwriting. She has the most captivating voice, and her passion for singing was (and still is) utterly infectious.

M- So colourful..​There is something alchemical and transformative about your music. Your voice is siren-like and the sounds are deep. Do you feel this way when you are creating, or is this just my own projection? The dreamlike quality is very captivating.

KP- Music writing is like weaving spells, and I actively seek through writing my music, to transport into the landscapes of dreams. I am glad that you pick up on that element because I absolutely feel this way when I am creating songs. I grew up with very introspective tendencies, and this fed my imagination vital nutrients that blossomed through creative mediums.

When I started writing songs I began to construct mythologies of my own, and in isolation and accompanied with my imagination I liked to think that I gained access these realms through the music. I want to compose the music of dreams. The more dark and surreal, the better. I like peeling back the layers of things and exposing them with hints of the otherworlds.

M- You are like a dream. So happy you are on our show. Constructing your own mythologies.. it seems there is a theme for this show, which is spiritually independent women. What genres of music do you cover?

KP- A hint of classical, a hint of the archetypal songstress, a hint of witchery and the quintessential goth. Mostly dark, magical, and dreamy ambient soundscapes rooted in piano.

M-Who are some musicians who have influenced you? You are some artists or writers who have influenced your music? Why and how?

KP- Middle eastern music, The Oud (an entity in itself) will always be my genie granting me wonderous visions and a consistent spell to conjure the muses.

There are a few modern classical composers like Phillip Glass-- I worshipped Glassworks + his Solo Piano album. Ludovico Einaudi (particularly just the song “Primavera” which I’d listen to this song over and over and over- the violins electrocuting my spine with delicious exhilaration.

Lubomyr Melnyk and his fast piano playing, he plays continuously at a lightning fast speed that teleports me into some glorious place. It’s chaotic tendencies are intoxicating.

A friend of mine, Curtis Humphreys, of Kalpataru Tree was a humongous influence and inspiration to me as he was the first person to expose me to Ableton Live. As an electronic musician he makes sure that his performances have live instrumentation rather than pressing play on a pre-meditated track. He always improves gorgeous stream of consciousness guitar playing alongside his psy dub and ambient landscapes... the guy is a musical genius.

Of course the greats ... Paganini and Rachmaninov.

Its worthy to note that I also worshipped the albums "Fur and Gold" and "Two Suns" by Natasha Khan of Bat for Lashes by the holy shrine. Her songs were full of creatures and wizards and crystals and castles and mythic metaphors that spoke to my burgeoning artistic self.

M- Natasha!! She is just.. out of this world. She influenced me a ton too. Middle Eastern music; what a range. It shows. Where did you grow up?

KP- I was born in the little town of Livingston Montana, but had a gypsy momma who loved moving around so I grew up a little bit of everywhere. I spent a good portion of my life in Portland, Oregon though. I think that place keeps a good piece of me hostage, but my heart will evermore belong in Montana.

M--Do you live in Montana right now? How has that shaped your artistic visions and what sort of musical and artistic community is there in your town?

KP- I do live in Montana right now. Homebase is primarily out in Paradise Valley-- where I go to write. It is nestled in the majestic Absaroka Mountain range, close to Yellowstone Park. Full moon's rise up from behind the black mountain’s silhouettes, and reflect in the river. Some mornings there is an ethereal mist that hovers above the river, its beautiful. The silence, the huge expanses of empty valleys and gigantic mountain ranges have given birth to so many creative projects. Currently I live in the nearby town of Bozeman, and the artistic community here is nothing short of wonderful, full of brilliant poets, artists, and writers who I’ve been blessed to have met.

M- It sounds beautiful! You are also a photographer and a writer, releasing a book right now! Can you tell us a bit about it?

KP- I had a photograph released in this year’s issue of Montana State University's Literary Arts Journal, Opsis. The photo is titled “Book Hoard.” It is a self-portrait where I am essentially swimming in my books, and was inspired by the film Only Lovers Left Alive.

My heart has always had a love for analogue photography. I’ve played with film cameras since I was a teenager, haunted by the grandfather who I never met who was a photographer in WWII, some of my earlier memories are playing with his various photography paraphernalia lying about the house and it has stuck with me.

My brother, Orin Pierson, and also a photographer named Jim Presley--who might as well be my second brother--were my teachers and primary sources of inspiration in the beginning. Like music, photography is another medium of creative expression that fuels me, and like music and photography, writing is yet another. I write poetry and short fiction. I enjoy all sorts of art.

M--What do you plan to do with your music in the next few years?

KP- Keep writing. keep playing, perform more than I have been. Soon I plan to work with Mehran Azma of Sinis Recordings and release some tangible music on vinyl. The future's looking bright.

Apr 20th

Shugga Cherm: Brooklyn's Irrepressible DJ/Musician

By Meta



Talking with the resilient Shugga Cherm, a Jamaican now based mainly in Brooklyn. His music ranges in texture and tone and emotion, which inspires a sense of sponteneity and unpredictability, just like in real life. There is a sense of limitlessness. Take a listen today on to hear his sounds and beats on the 4/20 show.

M- Hi there, Shugga Cherm. You have quite an awesome story. It seems your life has been a cool adventure, starting from a closely knit rooted family life in Jamaica, involving tons of music, and now you are in Brooklyn. Can you tell us a bit about how this all happened? When did you move?

SC- I was born in jamaica, as a youth growing up jamaica am always around music whether it's sound system, bands or just making it with what's available around me. When I was 12 I moved to Brooklyn ny, I never liked at first but I get used to it. I see it's a very musical place, so a certain area would remind me of jamaica and also met other people that was into the music just like me so it was a good start for my journey.

M- Are you still involved in a music scene in Jamaica, as well? Where in Jamaica were you born?

SC- I still keep contacts with my musical friends I haven't done any shows there but we planning on doing that and much more musically, I was born in the parish of Clarendon which is in the middlesex of jamaica.

M- Has living in Brooklyn influenced your music? What is it like playing there?

SC- Definitely, the people and the vibes give you that drive to do music more, everywhere is a party or a car playing music, the people influence me more tho. Brooklyn is a great place to perform, you gotta bring your best when you performing, cause they not gonna accept no foolishness lol, so it's all about love and respect so just go and mash up the place and make the people feel good.

M- So cool. You have described yourself as being “severely creative”. That sounds fantastic.. What does this mean to you?

SC- Yea when am creating I wanna put all my energy all my passion. All the skills and tools that I have to make it happen, if I have to write A verse over ten times I will do it, basically and will to get the work done no matter what it takes.

M- Driven.. You create your own beats.. what programs do you use, and how do you do this? Do you sometimes create organic sounds from scratch?

SC- Yea make my own riddims (beats) and I use reason and pro tools. I start out with a drum and bass, sometimes I use instruments from the programs and sometimes I get custom made instruments from other musician depends on the style I wanna use for that track.

M- That's what I want to do too. Love that you are so ranged in vision. Your music is very bold and natural. How old were you when you discovered this natural blessing of ability?

SC- I guess since I was born, music was just a part of my life, you don't really chose it, it grows in you.

M- Agreed. Can you tell us a bit about Sotti studios?

SC- Yea that was my very first record deal I got when I was in high school, I was a intern there and they was making a mixtape for the label and I told them I wanna get on it, ofcours they didn't take me serious, but the next day I went there got in the booth and did a 16 bar vers and the rest was history. Plus I get to work with a lot of professional people in the music biz so it was a great experience for me as a teenager.

M- Where do your lyrics come from? Does it flow naturally off the top of your head, or do you get in a zone to write first?

SC- Well I don't like to overthink things, when writing music so get my inspiration from daily life and people and things that's happening around me and I freestyle too so I kick a few off the dome.

M- The fresh and spontaneous magical approach. Can you tell us the story behind the song “Twenty Five”? The sounds are so good. It is my favourite right now.

SC- I did that song in 2010 in my home studio, it was a lot of negative stuff goin on in the neighborhoods a lot of young people was losing they life over gang war or even for nothing. Everytime I herd that song (road to Zion) I said I wanna get on this beat, i finally got the instrumental, wrote down all my thoughts and put the song together and that's how it came out.

M- So, what and who are your influences, Shugga Cherm?

SC- Fire Raq Production is the biggest influence when it come to makin music and just life in general , and we give thanks for all the artist that set the foundation, its too much artist to name so am gonna name a few, buju banton,shabba,super cat, bounty killer, capleton, sizzla.....Rking Redemption..Blingazz...local and international artist.

M- Do you think people should be thrown in jail for smoking weed?

SC- People should not be thrown in jail for smoking some ganja and hold a meditation.

Apr 20th

Barrington: London's Stellar and Worldly Reggae Band DUBVOCALIZA

By Meta


This is the exciting, worldly, and spiritually potent reggae band, DUBVOCALIZA, based in England. They represent what is magical about live music, the magic connections and expressions which touch people at their core. The message is optimism, love, peace, universal healing.  I have been lucky to speak with Barrington Delevante for this 4/20 reggae show on

M- Hi there, Barrington! You guys are so incredibly interesting and spark a good fire in the bellies of listeners/experiencers. Such a diverse range of people coming from all over the world, from Poland to Spain to Jamaica to Italy. Amazing how it all grooves together, so tight and filled with life from so many angles. A blending of soul. How did all eight of you meet?

B- The members of the band met through various channels. I met and became close friends with Kevin Draper, the lead guitarist, in a funk band called dubfunksta. It was my first association with a band. I was the songwriter and lead vocalist. I was also the one that coined the name dubfunksta. We met the other members of the band through music friends and advertising. We had a musical boat to row and the others came to sail with us.

M- I love the poetic element of the lyrics. Have you always been poetically inclined in different mediums, or are you mostly, as you call it, a “musical poet”?

B- I have always been poetically inclined in many ways or mediums as you called it. I was writing and performing poetry from Primary to High School. I looked at my surroundings and would speak out in poetry about the pain and despair caused to myself and others. My friends in school thought that I was a revolutionist, a poetical rebel. My performance poetry was a hit in High School. I refer to myself as a musical poet because I perform poetry to all genres of music.

M- Does anyone else write lyrics as well?

B- Andrew Wellesley our Rhythm guitarist and Natalia Sitkowska our lead singer can write lyrics, but so far all the lyrics and arrangements in the band is written done by me.

M- Do you guys do world tours?

B- We haven't done any world tour as yet but it's on our horizon. We have performed throughout in the United Kingdom and Europe.

M- How long have you been together?

B- The band was started in 2002, Kevin draper, Matt Curr and myself are the core members. The other have been in the band now for over 5 years.

M- What are your general philosophies of life?

B- Our general philosophies of life; we believe in oneness, peace and universal love, we strive to attain that through our music. Our philosophies are summed up in one of our songs called "Just the way it is". "Life is full of fantasies, dreams and realities, hopes and wishes but that's just the way it is."

M- What do you hope to inspire in people with your music?

B- We hope to inspire people with invaluable food for thought and conscious awakening, to promote oneness, peace and universal love. We are on the side of the oppressed and hope to inspire and bring about change. People can sing and dance to our music but we want them to write the words in their hearts.

M- Beautiful. Do you feel that you have transformed spiritually because of music, through music.. music as medicine?

B- Yes we have transformed spiritually through music, we hold fast together and believe in every beat of our songs. We are always debating and questioning in our music and we live united by the spiritual elements and philosophies. There's some preaching and teaching in our music and that is a spiritual aspect. Music unites people all over the world, it's a powerful force.

M- Are there other outlets any of your band members use for expression, such as art or writing?

B- The band is always hungry for music, it's the only channel we used for expression at the moment. Some band members go to Jam sessions and our lead guitarist played a lot on the piano, I guess it's another outlet.

M- Can you describe a deep or transformative instance while performing together? Tell a story about unification.

B- There have always been a oneness in the band when we are performing together. I remember one instance while performing at the UK largest reggae festival in 2014 ( One Love festival) . There was a moment when we all looked at each other on the huge stage with a knowing in our hearts, and a recognition that the band has come of age. The good vibration and moment was just magical, there was a natural mystic between us, We played that gig like no other, it was just awesome.

M- I have goosebumps. That is such a magical thing. Tell us something funny or bizarre which has happened at a show..

B- While performing at a music festival ( One World) I was deep into performing one of our tracks when it suddenly dawned on me that I was singing a completely different song while the band was playing a different music. We all looked at each other but continued playing until the end. Some how we pulled it off.

M- Do you think that a person should be thrown into jail for smoking weed? Why or why not?

B- A person should not be thrown into jail for smoking weed, absolutely not. I recall Peter Tosh was beaten senseless and thrown into jail in Jamaica for smoking weed and calling for the legalisation of marijuana. Now that call has been answered in many countries all over the world included Jamaica.

Apr 20th

Ohio's Effervescent Rockstead

By Meta



Introducing Rockstead from Cincinnati! They have recently released their first album "Wake Up and Live" and  I hear they are working on their second release. Can't wait to hear it. They are a positive and uplifting group of friends who have a deep mutual, musical connection and understanding. We are pleased to be playing them on the 4/20 show today.

M- Hi guys. Can you introduce yourselves?

R- We are Rockstead! Jake Burns: Lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Tanner Briscoe: Lead Guitar, Vocals, Victor Falco: bass guitar, John Albertson: Drums.

M- You have all known each other for a while, have you not? You seem pretty tight together. How did you all meet?

R- Me (Jake), Vic and John have gone to school together since the second grade playing sports and hanging out. We started a 3 piece band (Jake, John, Vic) in the 8th grade and played all through high school. Tanner was one of our really good friend's cousin. I (jake) started jamming with him and we really clicked. So senior year Tanner joined the band. Now here we are.

M- Do any of you have any side projects? If so, can you show us some links?

R- Nope no side projects. Our 3 piece used to be called Broken on Impact (we were a punk band back then lol). But aside from a couple of us doing acoustic gigs for some extra dinero, we just stick with Rockstead.

M- Have you gone on tour? Do you plan on touring in 2015?

R- We haven't toured just yet. A couple of us are finishing up college this year, but once that's done you can definitely count on Rockstead hitting the road!

M- What is the general message of your music?

R- We feel like there are many messages to our music. Most of it comes from personal experiences and emotions. If we had to sum it up we really like to spread a positive message of unity and respect. Love is a large theme in our music as well. It's all about taking life one step at a time and rolling with the punches. Not gonna lie, we like to advocate our friend Mary Jane too :)

M- Wonderful! This might be difficult, but name your combined three biggest musical influences.

R- Oh man there are so many, but if we had to choose it would probably be Sublime, The Expendables and 311.

M- Pretty awesome guitar lead playing. How long have you been playing?

R- I picked up the guitar when I was about 10 years old. Haven't put it down since (Tanner).

M- Nice to have that connection with your instrument. You can tell when people are really connected, when the instrument is an extension, like another limb. So what do you think? Should people be thrown in jail for smoking weed? Why or why not?

R- Absolutely not. Marijuana is a natural plant that grows in the ground. There are way more substances out there causing harm to hundreds of thousands of people including legal pharmaceuticals! Ganja has never hurt anyone. The only thing hurting people is ruining their lives by throwing them in jail.

Apr 20th

Gaper: Indonesian Reggae Fascination

By Meta

I have had the honour to get to know Den Basito of Kediri.  His reggae band, Gaper, is a widely diverse and great combination of instruments and personalities.  They are amazing musicians with amazing visions.  Here is what he has to say about where he lives, how reggae is integrating in his community, their political ivsions, and how they all got started together.

M- Hello, Den Basito! First of all, can you tell us a little bit about Pare? It is both a place in Kediri and a “Society of Reggae”. Is it true that you are a founder of this society?

DB- Pare is a small district with 95.000 population in Kediri, east Java.  Pare in our community name is PAthway of REggae.

M- Ah, I get it.

DB- Since we got together in 2008, then we built a reggae community in other districts and towns in Java like Surabaya, Malang, Jogjakarta. Starting in 2006, we joined Rastafamily Jakarta. I am with 2 friends, and the very first time, we made a summer jam in Pare ''Rastafara Cool Break'' with 10 reggae bands and supported by the scooter / vespa community and bikers. Around a hundred came.

M- What is it like in Kediri, both culturally and musically speaking? Is the reggae scene very active?

DB- Today in Kediri, reggae music is still underground but now larger in several communities. Around 20 000 of the mass are active, and thousands more are passive teenagers, I guess. Now reggae goes to campuses, goes to villages and lives together with local music ''Dangdut'' and sometimes local TV and Radio rarely support our community. We hope we have our own radio.

M- How many people are in your band? It is such a neat combination of instruments, including an electric violin. Can you tell us about your band members?


1. Den Basito as Lead vocal and Rhythm

2. Omotz on Lead Guitar

3. Kiki on Bass and Backing vocals

4. Rengga on Violin

5. Andre Khanciel on Drums

6. Ferdi on Percussion

7. Zijpan Kipli on Percussion

8. Ade on Guitar and Keyboard

Violin..! Our sound is different from other reggae bands. Actually we love reggae and we can play with violin and people like it.

M- What are your musical and lyrical visions?

DB- We play Roots. Rock. Reggae. Nyahbinghi. Reggae Ballad. Our lyrics are about: social issues, criticizing the government. Love and togetherness (NUSANTARA BELIEVENESS)

M- You seem very dynamic and motivated. What drives you into all these directions?

DB- What drives me: HISTORY -Bob Marley to be a rastafarian with marcuss garvey influence. Asked to his people to come back to their roots in Africa. Met the king of kings Haile Selassie. Last decade, the King Selassie met with our founding father (PJM/paduka jang Mulia) Soekarno, our first president. Related to the Asia-Africa agreement.

Our country has another name NUSANTARA, united by maritime geography, thousands of years historically and that is the POINT of our movement. We ask to Indonesian people to come back to NUSANTARA. We bring the spirit of Nusantara's soul. Corruption is not our soul. Horrible things that we fight for.

Indonesia is Nusantara but Nusantara is not only Indonesia. Malaysia, Philipina, Thailand, Cambodia, Timor Leste...etc. Maritime geography and historical had united us in SOUL of NUSANTARA beyond the territories of each country.

M- What is “katanya” about?

DB-- KATANYA or It says. It is criticizing to our old generation and all Indonesian people. It's about government. Tiran. Law. Religion. Conspiracy. Politics. Those are only what IT SAYS. That message in KATANYA (Indonesian Language).

M- What is “Kanjeng Mami”?

DB- Kanjeng Mami; Once we arranged reggae combined to our local music KRONCONG Kanjeng. Mami is a soundtrack "sitcom", one of the most popular on national TV. It was in 2009.

M- What are your plans for the rest of 2015?

DB- We will make 4 albums within 2015. Then we will pack all 5 albums in one and include a book of mine about NUSANTARANESIA in my idea.

M- how has your culture influenced your music?

DB-Our culture...? Some cultures are fake. And we fight to build new one. God Bless Nusantara God Bless Indonesia God Bless all human kind and creatures. NUSANTARANESIA JAYA.. RAHAYU..

Apr 13th

The Philosophical Wisdom of Agony in the Garden's Mack Perry

By Meta




Speaking now with the highly interesting, limitless, and perhaps even alchemically-minded Mack Perry of the Metal band Agony In The Garden, from Dayton, Ohio.

M- Hello Mack Perry! It is so nice having you on Mind Coup Radio. You add a cool element of metal which is pretty artistic and unique. What got you started, musically?

MP- I’ve been surrounded by music all my life. Being a child of the 80’s in an era so mixed and diverse allowed me to fall into a bit of every genre. I had always wanted to play guitar but I actually didn’t get the opportunity to pick one up until roughly 11 years ago.

M- What makes your music different from other metal musicians? What is the mark you feel you are placing?

MP- That’s a bit of a difficult one. Like all musicians Metal artists push the genre to new heights daily. What I would like to believe the mark I’m adding to is that there is no limit to what can be thrown into the mix and pulled out shiny new and Metal. Lol!

M- Name three influences or people you admire, not necessarily musical.

MP- My grandfather, only man I’ve ever known who wanted a job so very badly he walked into a factory and started working. After about three weeks of him working daily someone finally asked who hired this guy who would work all day long and not take breaks. After inquiring they found out no one had hired him. Just a man who wanted a job. A company he worked at for more than twenty years. They hired him on the spot. Lol!

Anne Rice, her ability to turn a phrase and quite literally animate immaterial into living matter spilling forth a veritable tumult via convocation anthropomorphic with diatribe if need be. Timeless simply timeless inside our own hearts.

M- (fantastic!)

MP- People I admire most are those who very little to give but are willing to give so very much. Whether it be of themselves or their time. A debt incapable of being repaid. The very cogs in the wheels of society that teach us in fact how to be human and pay it forward at all times in our lives, whether standing or on bended knee.

M- Wonderful. Name three forces you admire, which induce creativity.

MP- Sunlight, water and the romance of struggle. When I say the romance of struggle I don’t mean strife which it is often confused for. I simply mean struggle builds character. I don’t believe that anyone should suffer. They are surely amenities that we must afford our sisters and brothers, for we are their keepers are we not and in turn they ours. The struggle need not be with peril.

The water is needed for cleansing of the mind body and soul. Truly a life giving element to a world we can only know throughout the entire cosmos.

Ahh, sunlight! Some may deplore it but none can deny it. Its arm stretches as far as the eye can see and beyond. It dries the water from your brow and allows you to seek direction in all things. Composing while watching the sunlight dance through the trees, casting shadows on the wall as only sunlight can inspires breath of measure. Whether it is falling or rising, simply beauteous. Tis a boon I treasure.

M- What is it like in Dayton, musically speaking?

MP- Not as big as it use to be sadly. There is quite a bit of talent in the area. More of it needs to be put together.

M- Do you collaborate with other musicians? Who is Bobby?

MP- I actually have not had the pleasure of collaborating with any other musicians. There are some things that are in the works though to rectify this. Bobby is a drummer turned guitarist who joined Agony back in December as drummer and switched to second guitarist in January.

M- You have amazing guitar playing skills. I saw your video and was blown away by the smoothness and ease of playing. You really meld with your instrument. Have you played guitar since childhood?

MP- Thank you for the compliments. I’ve only been playing guitar for eleven years. I practice daily six to eight hours. Then I practice singing for two hours or so in combination with playing. Along with a bit of bass and a bit of drums for compositional purposes.

M-It says on your bio: “Agony’s beginning echoes honor to those who would challenge the sun. Though our overture reflects the eternal dream the sleeper has awakened. As we bore witness to this paradox the logic is ill refute.” This is beautiful. Can you explain it to some of us?

MP- When I sought to bring Agony’s music to the world I wanted to honor all that who wake up daily, whether it’s to rule a country or to turn soil to feed the multitudes. I would like to believe that it’s ok to dream awake and the only way to realize your dreams is to do this. While it may seem a paradox it is more necessary than any of us could have hoped to have understood. Let yourself not be passionate about one thing but all things. In the small amount of time that you bring this beauty to the world it will bloom eternal.

Apr 11th

Maidstone, UK's Rocking Boulton Brothers

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Here is a nice conversation I had with the Boulton Brothers from Maidstone, UK. They are a really tight and rocking band of brothers, who we, here at Mind Coup Radio, find ourselves rocking out to frequently. Their tones are warm and classic, and they are well-rounded musicians with a solid groove.

M- Hello there! Tell us a little bit about The Boulton Brothers and how you all got started as a band.

BB- Our history...The Band name was a bit of a homage to The Allman Brothers Band who were a great influence on us when we were our case it is a description... we are 3 Brothers....Tim, Symon & Peter Boulton... So we have known each other a long time...Smiling face with open mouth and smiling eyes

We started playing together when we were teenagers, and gained some notoriety locally for a couple of years....but life intervened and we all went our separate married ...had kids...had to make a living!....Sy moved to Australia for a few years...... January 2005...With all the Brothers in the same country again....a tentative session was organized in practice rooms....It was soon apparent that... though rusty...the rapport was still alive....and an early....energetic version of the personal song 'Reunion' emerged

This success opened the floodgates....and a deluge of material followed....some of which appears on our Albums...'Reunion'...and 'Live From The Couch'...

M- It is so refreshing to hear such good classic sounding rock. The slide guitar is fantastic and solid. What venues do you guys play out there in Maidstone?

BB- Thanks Meta ...We write all our own material.....We play what we love and enjoy...and we think that comes through...All our Album tracks are recorded pretty much how they are when we play them live.... As for venues...we are a little limited places with a couple of hundred people capacity most of the time...but intimate is great!...We have had offers recently that would take us to greater things..but as will become clear we have had to put them on hold....

M-Can you tell us a little bit about where you live? Since this is a worldly radio show involving people from all corners of the earth, and a wide variety of musical genres, it would be nice to get a feel for your general scenery and inspirations.

BB- Maidstone is located in the County of Kent in the UK....South East of the Country...Kent has a reputation as 'the Garden of England' which perhaps portrays the area well...No massive cities...lots of green...mild climate...relatively peaceful compared to big urban areas like London...So never far from great countryside...the coast...or places to ponder... Hope that helps....!

M- Sounds absolutely beautiful.  What is the craziest or most hilarious, or perhaps synchronistic thing which has happened at one of your shows?

BB- D'Y'know...We feel terrible not being able to come up with some real belly buster incidents...but can only think of a couple that might JUST qualify for a quiet smile..!!! At an early gig we started with a song that had a fairly long building intro ending with a striking lead riff...the intro went well..people's faces expectant as Tim stepped forward to initiate the expected electric drama...and....nothing!...he'd forgotten to plug in his guitar....!! ...We won the crowd back eventually!! Not long after....mid vital rhythm...and vocals....Pete's guitar parted company with it's strap..he did a valiant dance...saving his instrument...trying to keep strumming...and singing....while rehooking his strap...not sure if anyone but the whole crowd saw that classy save....!! Told Ya!!.....What a high life riot we are......!! (Not)

M- Wow!  That could have been both devastating and hilarious at once.  Of course you won everyone back.  

Do you tour often? And have you any new releases coming up?

BB- Really....we never got as far as touring....around 2009...Tim was struck down with a succession of serious medical problems which put him out of action both performing and recording and currently that is where we stand...

Tim deals with all Internet stuff etc but can do no more....Sy is building up his own studio...Pete has released 2 Solo Albums...'Wilderness Road' & 'Smoke and Mirrors'... We are hoping things will resolve sooner rather than later because we have had multiple serious offers for touring in the USA...where our music is particularly appreciated... We also have a lot of new material and are looking for ways of recording that will involve Tim in a way he can manage.

M- What advice would you have to offer the latest and most upcoming generation of musicians?

BB- If we had any advice to give it would probably be...Don't give up!.....Do the work...Pay the price...success is very seldom instant...put yourself out there, everywhere!...Be happy....there's not much thats better than making music...enjoy doing it!!

M- Fantastic. That is some good advice. These days it seems as if attention spans are shorter than they used to be, but maybe that can be reversed somehow. Dedication and work is hip.

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