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Dec 1st

Expansiveness in Gold - the monthly cosmic assessment of essences at play

By corvus mae
Hi there.  It's time for me to philosophize again.

Blog Two of my astrological, mood, and weather-related situational nutshell writings. 

This month's topic: Expansiveness, learning, and warm inspiration

So we are out of that oceanic volcanic introverted scoping of underworlds and undersides of whales and underground scrutinizings, and have once again resurged unto the surface of the earth in a relieved and joyous fashion.  This is the time of Sagittarius, of Jupiter looking at all the riches he has collected from the caves where the time was spent last month.  We are realizing that we have mounds of gold to play with, gold of thought, of activity, of ideas, of things to talk about, to argue happily and with gusto about with our friends, to play with and spread around to the world.  Time for expanding, for relaxing, for discussing, for pbserving, for taking ideal action.  Our ideals are enhanced and there is this sense of goldenness, shimmering fire in the small crevices of the air, of our homes, of our hearts.

I myself find every year that I am attracted to East Indian art and culture, the fire, the gold, the color, the ideas, the smells of the spicy food, the warming of the belly.  Sagittarius is all about travel, about wonder and exploration, about facing danger with a casual smile.

This is also the time of year where people get together and prepare for whatever holiday they celebrate.  Togetherness, loud talkers, plan-makers, parties.  

This is a good time to relish, to take in, to collect pieces of joy, because next season we put our noses to the ground again, when Saturn, the god of contraction, of restriction, the opposite of Jupiter, takes over to keep us in check and balance.  So have fun everyone and happy holidays! 
Nov 4th

artistic communities, past, present, future

By corvus mae
brancusis-studio-paris-constantin-brancusi-tristan-tzara-unidentified-woman-mina-loy-jane-heap-margaret-anderson.gifSince my early teen years, I have had this fascination of the arts, the workings behind the arts, how and why people express what they do and how they are tainted by others, inspired by others, or manifested with others.

I was born in a rather large community in the GTA in Ontario.  Communities were vast and large with sub groups, often becoming cliques.  As a musician and artist since my toddler days, I have been a lone solo solitary type, excessively shy, not thriving socially until my twenties.  I used to daydream about having a supportive community to back me up with my endeavours.. I would write poems to imaginary people, imaginary audiences.. make paintings  of landscapes and situations I desired, however impossible or ethereal or archetypal. I learned to create worlds in my head which were mine, a place to go, somewhere satisfying and reliable. Music has always been super potent, my best friend.  I often used to tell people I would rather marry music and poetry than a human being.  Those were the days without social media, before the internet, when people actually had to leave their homes to commnicate and have social lives. 

Growing up learning classical music, I had to study music history, art history for art class, and no matter what I Was Supposed To Be Doing, I was incessantly studying times past and fictional, studying people's lives, their friendship circles, the eras, the periods of change and evolution and balance in history.  Here, I found huge inspiration, from learning about the situations involving the friendships and foeships of Wagner, Liszt, Nietzsche, Rilke, Lou Andreas-Salome, Cosima Wagner, etc.. the interaction and drama between composers and how those artists and philosophers inspired so many people nowadays, good and bad.. the drama of highly intelligent people in Germany creating ghastly beauty and ethereal genius, breaking free from old patterns, not as solitary and separate artists and creators, but as a group of idealists and time changers, inspirations.  These people sparked and jolted some heavy duty political situations, as well as new types and genres of arts.

 Reading about all this stuff catapulted me into a dream world and thrusted me into higher personal ideals, but it also made me itch for a community of like-minded friends or acquaintances, even competitors, as a way to share and to better myself, as well as to motivate others.

I found myself over the years, passing through phases: the Bloomsbury group, the French poets of the early 20th century (Duchamp, Man Ray, Kiki de Montparnasse, Paul Valery, Robert Desnos and the surrealists, the automatic writers, the painters, the dadaists, the muses, the dancers, the tragic stories and interweavings among them.)  I proceeded then, at age 23, to attempt to have Salons at my apartment in Toronto, where people get together and share their art, their ideas, play funny intellectual games, play music, create new kinds of fashion design, generally inspire each other as a group.  I even ventured into opening a publishing company, a printing press.  The frustrating part of this was that the only people I could find, as partners and co-conspirators, were my own eccentric family members and a few close lifelong friends.  Luckily they were all highly entertaining and sometimes genius, but these were those with whom I had been all my life, anyway.  I needed new fresh crazy people to interact with.  I was itching for community.

Later, I went to Mexico and learned about Frida and Diego, and how they were also involved in politics and revolution, involved with Trotsky.. all the beautiful stories, all the pain and growth, all the amazing inspiration they provided for people then and now.  I also got sucked into Oscar Wilde, Debussy, and the turn-of-the-century composers, Ravel and the Art Nouveau scene.  I noticed that in the lines of the artwork I could hear the music of the time, I felt the theme of the times condensed, the specific vibe of the latest changes of the time, the oversea travel and foreign lands tainting the once usual, the once credible.

I feel that people as competitors, friendly or otherwise, as friends, as inspirations, really breathe life into each other, and thus into their community, and sometimes this effect can be farreaching, extending out nationally or even internationally.  This is what culture is made of.

Here at Mind Coup, I feel that it might be a time for my aspirations for sharing among likeminded or artistically-driven people to come about.  So far, since the Mind Cop Compound has been begun, I have caught whiffs of loveliness i potentia, through visitors and passing artists, poets, musicians.  I am hoping that our scene can grow and also evoke change in the way we view music production and distribution, whilst adventuring in wild and beautiful art, music, writing, etc, fully raw and also fully cultivated.
Nov 3rd

FunkUDub - Exposed

By corvus mae

M- “Hi there, mister FunkUDub. How's it going. Nice to meet with you this deep dark November evening. I understand you are not only highly groove-ridden, but you are also a multi-instrumentalist. How did you discover that you can play three instruments at once, to your own created backing grooves?" 

F.U.D- “Well, I wanted to create a type of dance/DJ project that I could play live instruments to. I have in the past played a few-instruments-at-once just-for-fun kind of thing, kind of like a drunk party trick. Haha. I made the funk and the dubs and could have added more tracks but I like a fun challenge, and I kind of like when people look at me like WTF. Really, my guitar music is kind of like playing five or six instruments at once, so this lets me give people a way to hear my music without being overwhelmed by just one instrument playing 6 different parts. That and it's awesome, and you've once seen me with three. The funk and dubs help me from being the crazy guy on the street playing ten things at once for dimes. "

M- "So you seem very well-rounded and able to balance all your ranges of tone and rhythm in a cool way.. definitely a visionary attitude. I have definitely listened to FunkUdub several times and seen you perform, and I know firsthand that the way you switch between instruments is well-balanced, well-maneuvered.. sometimes you let certain tones resonate on, say, the guitar as the bass takes over, and vice versa. Personally, I like the way the bass weaves in and out so gracefully that you don't notice any absence of sound disappearing while I am focusing on the wonderful distraction that is the guitar or violin.. you are almost like a musical magician that way, using the power of distraction to keep everything flowing. Very nice. Your fiddle playing is very unusual, but fascinating. What is your approach to the fiddle?" 

F.U.D- “I have wondered that myself, or even if I didn't know anything at all on how to play but I just might play against the devil on my soul for a fiddle made of gold. Haha. No, I kind of like to make it sound all harmonic, sliding crazy sounds, so it's not hard to do. " 

M- “As a violinist for many many years, I have to disagree. There is no way I could play the way you do. Your creativity is 'Off The Wall', so to speak. Definitely an electricity about you. There is something compelling and hypnotic about your playing. Maybe it is that you are able to cover so many levels of sound at once, and a person will never quite know what you are about to pull off next. 

Are there any instruments you aspire to own or record with in the future?” 

F.U.D- “yes, I like most instruments. I'd love to get my hands on a piano or cello. I just don't have one yet.” 

M- “When is your next show, and do you have any tours planned?” 

F.U.D- “As of now, it looks as if I will be in Nelson. It would be fun to get a gig at Shambhala next year, we will see.”

M- “Do you have any guest artists lined up for you to feature on any of your upcoming tracks?” 

F.U.D- “I'm working on a few things.. I might be open to having guest vocals on a track or two. FunkUDub is more of its own thing. I don't want to have to need other musicians for this set. It helps me be more affordable and accessible to venues.”

M- “Well, good luck with this. I bet we will all be hearing more about this phenomenon called FunkUDub in the near future. You are definitely one of a kind and damn sexy.”

FunkUDub has a show on Saturday the 8th of November, at the MCR Compound. 

Download a free FunkUDub set on the Free Downloads section of

Jion The Group FunkUDub

Nov 2nd

live wires, creativity, the lush underground

By corvus mae
With the definite setting in of autumn 2014, with the leaves almost totally fallen here in the Kootenays, with the bite of winter hinting itself in the air, mists of snow crowning the mountain tops, and the harvest festivities coming to a close, it seems that 'tis a season, evidently, for delving into the underground of our thoughts, our homes, our caves, and our work again, as we prepare for winter.

I find that at this season, when the "veils wear thin" between worlds, where there is a constant edge of twilight, where dreams are potent and eruptive, our shadow, life night life perhaps more vivid than our day life, and the astrologers noticing a more Plutonian cluster of feelings, impulses, and events, shovels handy for bulb plantings, finding mysterious pieces of things being raked up in our lull of outdoor cultivatings... well, I find this season to be, for me, a crucial time to make the most of my unconscious and cultivate my dream self externally.  I find myself and also people around me more inclined towards solving puzzles, impossible riddles, murder mysteries, and creating art which causes unexplainable shivers of understanding.  Is it a coincidence that Sylvia Plath was born in this time, and was incredible with painting words together into whole underworlds for us all to love or fear?  She had a power, a potent power with words and a kind of genius for unearthing things, as does Margaret Atwood, also born around now.  

This article is a collection of ideas I have about creativity, time, and space.  Life, as a cyclic happening, teaches us lessons in a certain order of balances and hungers and quenchings.  As trends occur with humanity, and perhaps in evolution (but this is something to write an entire article on, on its own), we collectively and uniquely feel inclined to want certain things at the same time.. some of us lean towards the next Big Thing before others do, perhaps being more ready, more complete with the last phase, whether it be fashion, technology, art, music, communal idealism, politics, or literature.

Each month, I am going to post a new article, containing my ideas on what the month's themery seems to be.  I am deeply interested in the cosmos and the astrometaphysical lushness of the invisible, and do take many notes of patterns which can only be witnessed over extended periods of time, through close, close attention. 

This month's lesson, the lessons of the Plutonian, the Scorpian, is the delving for that which is alive and buried.  That which is precious and not unlike the Holy Grail, but which can only be found hidden in unexpected places you can't search for.  That which sits right outside the periphery of your vision, which, when you try to focus on it, it disappears.  This month offers many lessons on how to access the Live Wire which creates or streams your dreams through your cells and out into consciousness, or paper, or song, or sound, or paint.  

In order to access this live wire, you must accept ugliness and imperfection as a part of yourself, and not try and be above it.   There is no pretending in the face of Hades.  You can't go that deep underground, as Innana did, face death, and run for your life.  You have to allow for this terror to become manifest.  Some view ugliness as failure, as embarrassment, as something out of balance, some inadequacy.  For me, it was the fear of appearing stupid, afraid of making mistakes.  So, to confront that fear, (which I still have to do daily), I just Go.  I write and I write and I write, no matter how stupid it sounds.  I tune out a make believe watching public and only write to some divinity, or to myself, with no spectators. After a while, it becomes less and less stupid sounding, I find myself in labyrinths or thought and discovery, and what do I find in these courses of words and ideas?  I find absolute jewels I couldn't have found otherwise.  Mistakes in drawings can metamorphosise into the magical element which was missing, can become the dissonance of a song resolving so beautifully out of a fluke, the missing key.  Sometimes I feel like giving up on a drawing, on a story, on a poem, on a song... but that extra bit of perseverence in an ugly place, really reflects back to you a light of truth and exposition.  Vulnerability is really the most beautiful thing, and at the point of death, perhaps we are all most vulnerable.  Death in any sense.  

Bjork, another Scorpio, wrote this song called "Moon".  Here are the lyrics, so well said.  Couldn't be better...

"As the lukewarm hands of the Gods
Came down and gently picked my adrenaline pearls
They placed them in their mouths
And rinsed all of the fear out
Nourished them with their saliva

ooh rested, as if the healthiest past-time
Is being in life-threatening circumstances
And once again be reborn

(All birthed and happy)

Best way to start the new is to fail miserably
Fail at loving and fail at giving
Fail at creating a flow then realign the whole

And kick into the start hole

To risk all is the end all and the beginning all"

Next month's theme will be expansion, joviality, exploration, and argument.

Sep 24th

Question and Answer with lovely artist, Lauren Herraman

By corvus mae
 by Meta

Hello, Lauren! How are you?

L: Hey Meta, I'm really great, thanks.

M:    Lovely.  You attended Mind Coup's first Nelson show at the Old Church Hall in August, displaying your crittery cute animally melange illustrations. They are so deliciously unique and quirkily funny. What prompted you to design these?

L: Aww.. thanks love.  That's so sweet of you to talk about them like delicious treats.  Well the idea all came about last year in Australia when I won a drawing competition.  The theme was Synergy, so I fused animals together to create new and interesting species.  Then I moved to Nelson and was asked to do a little show here.  Exciting!  I didn't have much art equipment, so I thought I'd make it simple.  I used black pencil and pen with the same theme of small mashed up manimals.  I  created about 30 new drawings, most of which were inspired by the friends I had made here and their favourite animals.

M:  What is your favourite or most frequently used media?

L: My all time favourite medium is pen, pencil, and watercolour.  I love creating detailed drawings of animals, people, flora, and fauna.

M:  You have recently moved to the Koots from Australia. Why Nelson?

L:  Well, I had wanted to move to Canada for years and when I would tell people about it back home, so many would mention Nelson.  It was described as a beautiful little town srrounded by lush forests, mountains, and a lake, and there was a wonderfully artistic and creative community.  Sold!  Plus when I was living in New Zealand I worked with a friend from Nelson and another who has now moved to Nelson.  So it was nice to have a couple of connections.  So I felt very pulled towards this place.  Best decision ever!  I love it here and feel so at home.

M:  Do you have plans for more exhibitions in the near future?

L:  Yes, I certainly do.  I am currently organising an Animal Exhibition at the Dancing Bear Hostel in Nelson.  It will run for three months and starts in mid-January 2015.  It will include some wonderful local artists whose work I admire and is all unique.  Then I was lucky enough to have a good friend of mine organise an exhibition for me at Oso Negro next April.  I have ideas to get involved in more shows, so these and lots of little artistic projects are constantly keeping me a busy bee.  It's a lot of hard work, but it's great!  Very rewarding knowing that I am achieving what I came here to do.  My art!  Become a local working artist.

M:  Fantastic.  What motivates you artistically? Are there any other artists you admire? Why?

L:  Mmm.. I am motivated by passion, learning, and improvement.  I am also motivated by the incredible support and encouragement I get from my friends and family.  The reaction I receive from the observers of my drawings, the laughs, the smiles, the curious faces, the comments; it's all the positive feedback that keeps me going.  It's why I make art.  To make people happy.  Simple.

M:  Where can you be contacted in case we want to purchase some prints or originals?

L:  The best place toi check out my drawings is on my facebook page . Or I have email:

I do plan to create a little website for myself in the coming months too.  So watch this space. 

M: Sooo happy to talk with you, Laren.  You are so bright and chipper and inspiring.  So looking forward to working with you again soon. <3 

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