What is a Mind Coup Radio?

Mind Coup Radio is not a normal business running on a capitalist platform.  Mind Coup Radio's focus is to record and stream live music for free download. The day music is free and people can't be fined or jailed for copying or playing a song, then Mind Coup Radio will have been a success.


Mind Coup started business in Nashville,TN in the summer of 2010. By winter, we were traveling across the southeast coast hosting events at small venues and large festivals.  Since then Mind Coup has traveled across most of the USA and Canada featuring artists from all over the world. We play music of working bands from many underground music scenes. We also host a variety of singer/songwriter events such as The Nashville Music Row Songwriters Festival. Traveling to BC, Mind Coup opened a studio at the historic Jam Factory in Nelson. After the closing of the Jam Factory, Mind Coup moved to its current location, the MCR Compound, where we offer a wide range of helpful services to the traveling artist.


Tune In

Rock, reggae, blues, funk, dubstep, country; you find a bit of everything on Mind Coup Radio. Mind Coup has now converted its blog site to a social networking site offering a wide variety of new features. Sign up for your free account! Tune in to Mind Coup on your mobile device.

Download Free Apps like Winamp or Shoutcast to pick up Mind Coup anywhere you go.


We Sell Beats! Message Mind Coup for information

Why You Will Love Mind Coup Radio!


Members upload pictures, music and video to our network. Comment and find friends on pages and groups. We don't have a Like or Fan button when you find people on Mind Coup Radio.  You are more connected on this interactive site. Our radio show features live music, and the best member-added music.  We also feature bands and artists in our magazine. The live radio shows are also hosted in our chat room, allowing members to connect with listeners and artists, making you part of the show!  Some of our best shows include:

The Audio Stash - This free mp3 show features all the members with free music downloads!

#1 Nation - This show features #1 ranked artists in local music charts from around the world. 

Sirens, Selkies, and Songstresses- Ths show features the best female talent we can find!

Other shows include : Songwriters' Showcase, Album Premiere Show, the Music Lottery, the Truth stream, and more!

Message and chat with members in our chat bar, which features a video chat application.  We also use the video chat to get great interviews with bands and artists.  Don't forget to join the chat room for live events and connect with other listeners for an interactive show experince.


Safe Haven for Touring Bands!

Stay with us at the MCR Compound where we offer great services to touring bands and artists. Do a live show with us in the studio and enjoy our relaxing retreat for bands and artists.


We Love To Help!

We are proud of our members and will help with any project!  We often remaster songs and provide any other services we can help you with for FREE.  Just message us!  We love to help!

 Mind Coup Radio Staff